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Manufacturers Index - Diesel Motor Co. of America
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The First American Diesel Engine

Founded in 1895 by Adolphus Busch who was president of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis. In 1898, they had the St. Louis Iron & Marine Works produce the first diesel engine in the U. S. It produced 60 H. P. and was installed in the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis. The engine was coupled to a DC generator to provide electricity for the brewery. By 1900, the firm began manufacturing diesel engines for sale in the U. S.


A corporation formed under the laws of New York, December 5, 1902. The company succeeded another corporation known as the Diesel Motor Co. of America. It owns the American patents covering the manufacture of the Diesel oil engines.

The preferred stock is 6 per cent., cumulative. Stock is transferred at the office of the company, New York. Registrar, New York Trust Co., New York.

President, Adolphus Busch, St. Louis. Vice-President, Edwin Harrison, St. Louis. Secretary and Treasurer, E. D. Meier, New York.

Directors — Adolphus Busch, St. Louis. H. Friedrichs, New York. Henry H. Haarstick, New York. Edwin Harrison, St. Louis. William A. Jenner, New York. E. D. Meier, New York. Charles Nagel, New York.

Main office, n Broadway, New York. Annual meeting, second Tuesday in February, at New York.

In 1911, the company merged with the Sulzer Brothers Diesel Engine Company, a Swiss manufacturer, to form the Busch-Sulzer Brothers Diesel Engine Co.

The Diesel Engine by Busch-Sulzer Brothers Diesel Engine Co. is available for full view at Hathi Trust Digital Library.

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