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Manufacturers Index - Alva Allen Industries
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This company has been around since at least 1930 and is still in business as of 2013. Manufacturers of punch presses. In 1963 they acquired Fred J. Swaine's line of punch presses. Before the purchase, Alva Allen's line encompassed 1 to 25 ton presses; afterwards, their largest size press was 150 tons. By 1970 they had dropped the largest sizes and their biggest press was 100 tons. One document dated 1954 lists the company name as Alva F. Allen Punch Press Dept

Contact Info:
Alva Allen Industries
1001 - 15 North Third Street
Clinton, MO  64735
Phone:  (660) 885-3331 or 800-343-5657

Information Sources

  • Ad in October 1962 Popular Mechanics for Alva Allen power punch press catalog, 100 pages, showing 1 to 25 ton capacity punch presses.
  • A 1963 issue of Western Machinery and Steel World has the following snippet
    Alva Allen Purchases Swaine Punch Press Line
    Alva Allen Industries recently from the Fred J. Swaine Mfg. Co. all rights to the Swaine line of open back inclinable punch presses. This purchase has enabled Alva Allen Industries to add 30 through 100 ton capacity models to...
  • Ad in October 1964 Popular Mechanics for Alva Allen "Swaine" power punch presses, 1 to 150 ton capacity. The Model B-2 2 ton press was $107.50 less motor. The same ad appeared in , e.g., in the April 1966 issue. By December 1966 the price for the B-2 press had increased to $117.50, by March 1968 it was $129.50, and by May 1970 is was $156.40. Sometime between March 1968 and May 1970 the largest size punch press was reduced from 150 ton to 100 ton capacity.