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Manufacturers Index - John H. Hall & Sons, Ltd. / Williams Tool Corp.

John H. Hall & Sons, Ltd. / Williams Tool Corp.
Erie, PA; Brantford, ON, Canada
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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In 1902 Charles F. Williams established the Williams Tool Co. of Erie, Pa., specializing in pipe cutting and threading machinery. The following year, in Brantford, Ont., the firm of John H. Hall & Sons, Ltd. was established by John H. Hall and his four sons, Ernest L., Leslie S., E. Winton, and A. Reginald. They manufactured pipe threading machinery and other machine tools.

In 1920 the Williams Tool Co. reorganized and refinanced as the Williams Tool Corp. and immediately acquired John H. Hall and Sons, which was renamed to the Williams Tool Corporation of Canada, Limited, operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Williams Tool Corp.

Advertisement from 1940 "Canadian Trade Index"

Information Sources

  • 1904-01-07 American Machinist lists Williams Tool Co. as an advertiser. This journal is available online but the ad itself seems to have been lost when the volume was bound.
  • The 1909 book, A Twentieth Century History of Erie County, Pennsylvania. "The Williams Tool Co., manufacturers of plumbers' and pipe fitters' tools, was chartered in 1902..."
  • 1910-10-31 Industrial World. "The Williams Tool Company, Erie, Pa., is operating at capacity. The company manufactures pipe cutting and threading machinery in five standard sizes for pipe from 1/8 inch to 12 inches; also the Riblet transverse current heater for utilizing heat from gas engine exhaust. The transformer is made in sizes for water heaters ranging from 50 to 1,000 horse power."
  • 1911-09-28 American Machinist. "The Williams Tool Company, Erie, Penn., is building a new shop and office."
  • 1919-05-01 Canadian Machinery has an ad for a pipe cutting and threading machine from Williams Tool Co., of Erie, Pa. Canadian agents, the A. R. Williams Co., Ltd., Toronto; European agents, Universal Machinery Corp., London, England.
  • 1920-02-07 Domestic Engineering.
    The Williams Tool Corporation, which has just been organized and incorporated under the laws of the state of Delaware, has acquired the business, plant and manufacturing assets of the Williams Tool Co., of Erie, Pa. The new company is capitalized at $300,000, 8 per cent cumulative, convertible, preferred stock, and 20,000 shares of common stock. The officers of the new corporation are: President, George M. Brill, New York City; secretary and treasurer, P. H. Cunningham, Erie, Pa.; engineer and superintendent, C. F. Williams, Erie, Pa. Mr. Williams is the son of the founder of the business and will remain with the new concern.
  • 1920 Moody's Manual of Railroads and Corporation Securities.
    WILLIAMS TOOL CORP.—Inc. Dec 17, 1919, in Del, and acquired the business, plant and manufacturing assets of the Williams Tool Co., a Pennsylvania Company, incorporated in 1902. Manufacturers of Williams' pipe threading machine. Owns an entire city block of approximately 3 acres in Erie, Pa., in which its plant is located. Controls Williams Tool Corp. of Canada, Ltd., of Brantford, Ont., successor to John H. Hall & Sons, Ltd., also engaged in the manufacture of pipe threading machines. Capital Stock-Authorized, 30,000 shares Com. of no par value and $300,000 Pfl. 8% cumulative convertible Pfä.; par, $100; outstanding, 20,000 shares Com., $300,000 Pfol. No funded debt. Of the unissued Com. stock, 6,000 shares are reserved against the conversion of Pfä. Transfer Agents and Registrars: Lawyers Title & Trust Co., New York, and Commonwealth Trust Co., Pittsburg. Stock was first publicly offered ($300,000 Pfl. and 20,000 shares Com.) in Jan, 1920, at par and accrued dividend for the Pfa. and $22 per share for the Com. Preferred Stock Provisions.—Pfd, stock has preference as to assets as well as dividends and is subject to redemption at 105 and accrued dividends after Jan 1, 1923. Annual sinking fund is provided, beginning Jan 1, 1922, consisting of 20% of the net earnings, after payment of Pfd. dividends, to be applied to the redemption of Pfol. stock. Pfc. stock may be converted into Com. at any time up to thirty days after call for redemption, on the basis of one share of Pfl. for two shares of Com. stock. Dividends.-Dividends on Pfä. regularly paid quarterly, J, A, J & O 1, initial payment having been made April 1, 1920. Assets and Liabilities, June 30, 1920–Assets: Plant, property and equipment, $298,014; cash, $48,887; receivables, $69,803; inventories, $89,996; investments, $74,960; deferred charges, $819; patents and goodwill, $211,000—total, $793,479. Liabilities: Payables, $48,327; reserve for federal taxes, $7,068; capital and surplus, $738,084—total, $793,479. Net assets exclusive of patents and goodwill , $527,084. Officers: H. W. Davis, Chairman; G. B. Brill, Pres.: K. K. Clapp, Sec. & Treas., New York; L. S. Hall, V-P, Brantford, Ont.: Anthon Linder, Aud.; C. F. Williams, Supt.; Robert Isaksen, Factory Supt., Erie Pa. Directors: H. W. Davis, G. M. Brill, W. L. Ball, L. S. Hall, C. E. Clapp, New York: John Jordan, Jr., Erie, Pa.; E. E. Anderson, Sharon, Pa. General Office, Erie, Pa.
  • The Brantford Public Library Industry PDF