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Manufacturers Index - Clizbe Brothers Manufacturing Co.

Clizbe Brothers Manufacturing Co.
Chicago, IL; Plymouth, IN, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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Clizbe Bros. Manufacturing Co. of Chicago was incorporated in late 1896 by Albert R. Clizbe, Wesley J. Clizbe and Herman S. Clizbe. Their early product line consisted of mower and sickle grinders. The sickle grinders, especially, appear to have been quite successful. In 1899 the business was reincorporated, increasing capital from $25,000 to $100,000 and adding two new directors for a total of five. The additional capital was used to relocate their factory from Chicago to much larger facilities in Plymouth, Indiana.

By 1915 Clizbe Bros. had diversified their business to include less agricultural products such as grinder arbors and pedestal grinders, all of them designed for line-shaft power. They appear to have missed the transition to motorized direct-drive grinders but the business continued in a low-profile way until at least the mid-1950s.

Clizbe used the brand names Plymouth, Imperial, Crown, Queen, and Royal.

From May 1918 Mill Supplies

Information Sources

  • 1896-11-10 The Iron Age.
    Albert R. Clizbe, Wesley J. Clizbe and Herman S. Clizbe are the incorporators of the Clizbe Bros. Mfg. Company of Chicago, 111., with $25,000 capital.
  • Advertisement in the 1899 World Almanac and Encyclopedia.
  • 1899 Minnesota Farmers' Institute Annual.
    In a fortunate moment, our eye rested upon an advertisement, in one of our agricultural papers, of Clizbe Bros., 491-493 Carroll avenue. Chicago, who have made an oscillating sickle grinder. We have tried this machine with great satisfaction to ourselves. Former sickle grinders, with an inflexible and non-movable emery wheel, have proved to be very unsatisfactory. We have two of them packed away in the upper part of our shop, and they are not worth their storage room. Clizbe Bros, have, in this pattern, struck a principle which, applied to the grinding of our mowers, is certainly a success.
  • 1899-10-23 Farm Implements.

    Raymond Wallut, of 217 rue Lafayette, Paris, France, was a visitor at the office of the Clizbe Bros. Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Ill., Oct. 4. Mr. Wallut represents the Clizbe company in France, and handled a large quantity of "Star" sickle grinders during the past season.

    Clizbe Bros. Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Ill., hav bought out the Wilson Iron Works of that city. The latter company manufactured a line of sickle grinders, and the business will be consolidated with that of the Clizbe company.

    Milton C. Daily, formerly assistant general manager of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, Chicago, Ill., has accepted a position with the Clizbe Bros. manufacturing Company of that city, for whom he recently made a European trip.

    Clizbe Bros. Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Ill., have patented a new style sickle grinder, which they will offer to the trade in 1900. This machine will be called "The Crown," and the company have adopted as a motto the phrase, "Will grind any tool." This machine was gotten up for the purpose of meeting the demand for another machine as good as the "Star," which the company will continue to make, and it is the purpose to make this tool especially for the trade in the Northwestern territory and in Canada for 1900.

    The Clizbe Bros Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Ill., have increased their capital stock from $25,000 to $100,000 and increased the number of directors from three to five.

    Clizbe Bros. to leave Chicago
    The factory of the Clizbe Bros. Manufacturing Company, manufactures of sickle and tool grinders, etc., is to be removed from Chicago, Ill., to Plymouth, Ind. A plant has been secured in the altter city, consisting of a main building 40x13 feet [should be "40x150"], three stories, and six smaller buildings, which will be utilized for finishing rooms, paint shop, storage warehouses, etc. A new foundry, 70x130, will be added by the company. All the buildings are of brick, and will form a very substantial plant for the company's business. It had been found necessary to either secure larger quarters in Chicago or remove to some other city, and inducements were held out which decided the removal to Plymouth. Much facilities and more room are thus secured, and the business will have an opportunity to grow indefinitely.

  • 1899-11-11 Iron and Steel.
    The Clizbe Bros. Manufacturing Company, manufacturers of sickle and tool grinding machinery, who recently increased their capital stock from $25,000 to $100,000, a part of which will be used in the erection and equipment of a new factory to include a foundry for the making of their own castings, have just closed negotiations for the purchase of a plant to be located at Plymouth, Ind. The new plant will be 40x150 feet and four stories high, besides a foundry which will be 70x100 feet, all to be equipped with the most modern machinery and with a cupola of a capacity of five tons a day. They will employ about seventy men to start with and everything will be in readiness for business December 1. Besides the making of sickle and tool grinding machinery they will manufacture light castings.
  • May 1915 Mill Supplies carries a full-page ad for Clizbe Bros. Mfg. Co.
  • January 1921 Automobile Trade Directory lists "Clizbe Bros. Mfg. Co., W. Harrison St., Plymouth, Ind." as makers of plain tool grinders and emery dressers.
  • Advertisement in 1953 and '54 issues of Popular Mechanics.