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Manufacturers Index - Barron Tool Co., Inc.
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This business was established by Harold Aarons. From about 1940 to at least 1956, this firm made a variety of drill press accessories for sanding, planing, shaping and molding. We are fairly certain that they made Foster Manufacturing Co.'s Model R-6200 ½" shaper, which could be powered by a vee-belt to a motor, or from above by chucking it in a drill press.

Barron Tool also sold some items through Sears, Roebuck & Co., such as the drill press planer attachment.

From undated Foster Manufacturing Co. catalog

Advertisement from March 1950 "Popular Science"

Information Sources

  • This company advertised in both Popular Science and Popular Mechanics from 1946 until about 1951.
  • The connection with the Foster Model R-6200 was determined in part by comparing the wording in the Foster catalog page with the wording in Barron Tool ads from the same post-war era.
  • A copyright registration from March 1948 reads as follows.
    BARRON TOOL COMPANY. Directions and blade designs for the Barron safety shaper and molding cutter. Folder. © Harold Aarons, d.b.a. Barron Tool Co.; 25Marl4.8; KK22868.