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Manufacturers Index - Flexsaw Co.
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In 1948 this firm made a radial arm saw.

Information Sources

  • Article in a 1946 edition of Wood:
    For use on the job or in the shop a new portable bench saw has been designed by the Flexsaw Manufacturing Company, 109 Grindstone Road, Port Austin, Michigan. The Flexsaw has a capacity for cutting boards 3" thick and 15" wide according to the manufacturer who claims that straight and bevel cutoff, straight and bevel rip, miter and compound miter cuts can all be made with extreme accuracy. Where electricity is inaccessible it can be operated with...
  • Article in a 1947 edition of American Lumberman:
    New Flexsaw Design Important design changes in Flexsaw general purpose radial saw are announced. Hand tightening levers have been added so that all adjustments can now be made by hand without the use of wrenches or special tools. ... plates have also been added at all adjusting points. These replace markings stamped in the castings and increase the accuracy and ease of settings. For further information write Flexsaw company, Dept. AL&BPM, 109 Grindstone road, Port Austin, Mich.
  • Mentioned in April 1948 Wood Working Digest:
    FLEXSAW DESIGN IMPROVED. Important design changes have been made in Flexsaw, the general purpose radial saw made by The Flexsaw Co., according to their announcement. Hand tightening levers have been added so that all ......saw, with improvements, and the new machine complete on table. For further information write the above-mentioned company, Dept. WD. 112 Grindstone Road, Port Austin, Mich.