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Manufacturers Index - Heston & Anderson
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Lorenzo R. Heston and Abner L. Anderson began operations in 1915 on a part-time basis. They formally established their partnership in 1921, and opened their first factory in 1925. Their sales were through a separate entity called Blue Star Products. Heston & Anderson products have been seen labeled with the W. W. Grainger name.

Advertisement from the January 1930 "Popular Mechanics"

Heston & Anderson's product consisted primarily of home-shop machinery: 4-inch and 6-inch jointers, 10-inch tablesaws, 12-inch and 14-inch bandsaws, etc. One of their most successful products was a swing saw aimed at small sawmills and lumberyards.

In the in the late 1920s and early 1930s their 12-inch bandsaw was sold by Delta Specialty Co. as the Delta No. 385.

Sometime between 1949 and 1952, Heston & Anderson became a division of St. Paul Foundry & Manufacturing Co. That company lasted until at least 1969 but disappeared at some point. Heston & Anderson is long gone. An exception is their swing saw, which is still available from H & A Swing Saw Inc.

Information Sources

  • According to a letter from Dana Batory, Heston and Anderson was established by L. R. Heston and A. L. Anderson. Patent records provided their given names.
  • 1932 catalog, no. 4-H; catalog no. 11 with 1934 and 1935 price lists.
  • Ad in January 1949 issue of "The Carpenter", featuring their 8" tilting arbor saw.
  • A 1952 tablesaw patent was granted to Abner L. Anderson and assigned to St. Paul Foundry & Manufacturing Co.
  • Ad in 1955-56 Hitchcock's Wood-Workers' Digest Directory, which says, "Division of St. Paul Foundry & Mfg. Co." Tools were aimed at the light-duty professional and the serious amateur market.
  • St. Paul Foundry & Manufacturing Co. was assigned a (non-woodworking) 1969 patent.
  • The W. W. Grainger connection was established in a posting to an owwm.org forum.
  • An owwm.org forum post provides information and photographs on this company's building in Fairfield.