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Manufacturers Index - Hertzler & Zook Co.

Hertzler & Zook Co.
Belleville, PA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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This partnership of Israel Zook Hertzler and Thomas E. Zook was established in 1899, beginning as a machine and buggy repair shop but by about 1905 developing a specialty in wood sawing machines for farm use. Their product line expanded to include other small farm machines such as corn shellers, concrete mixers, water pumps, gas engines and tractors. The business survived into at least the 1940s.

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  • A genealogy page on Israel Hertzler says that he founded Hertzler & Zook.
  • A History of the Juniata Valley and Its People, by John W. Jordan, 1913, has this relevant paragraph:
    Israel Zook, second son of Jacob and Sarah (Renno) Hertzler, was born at Walnut (postoffice), Juniata county, Pennsylvania, April 21, 1875. He was educated in the public schools near Nook, at Mechanicsburg and Ore Bank. Being ambitious to accomplish a course in engineering, he entered as a student in the mechanical engineering course of the International Correspondence School of Scranton, being the first student enrolled from Belleville. He faithfully pursued the studies of this course and obtained a good theoretical knowledge, at the same time working out and proving the theories while working in the engine room of Wilson & Maclay, where he was in charge of the engine and its maintenance for four years. He became thoroughly informed in engine and machine construction, and also a good machinist, with such confidence in his ability that in 1899 he formed a partnership with Thomas E. Zook, and started a small machine and buggy repair shop. This business grew and expanded into the present large and profitable business of Hertzler & Zook Company, of Belleville, capital $50,000, with an extensive plant and a product known over the entire American continent. Of this company Mr. Hertzler is secretary and treasurer.
  • The 1945 Farm Implement Buyer's Guide lists this firm.