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Manufacturers Index - Demco Machine Tool Co.

Demco Machine Tool Co.
Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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This firm began in or before 1917 as De Mooy Machine Co. In mid-1918 the company name changed to Demco Machine Tool Co. By 1933 the Demco line of drilling machines was being manufactured by the Toledo General Manufacturing Co. of Ohio. The Demco line seems to have survived, in a low-profile way, until the early 1940s.

Information Sources

  • In 1900, Charles W. De Mooy of Cleveland was granted a patent for a combined clutch and reversing gear, intended for use with line shafts. Based on this very flimsy evidence, Charles W. is our best guess as to the founder of De Mooy Machine Co. There was also a John De Mooy who received several patents related to air tools, but those patents, which spanned the time that De Mooy Machine Co. was founded, were all assigned to Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.
  • Article in the April 1917 issue of Machinery for De Mooy Machine Co.'s new line of "Demco" high-speed drilling machines.
  • The July 1917 American Machine & Tool Record had an ad for "The DeMooy Machine Company" and "The DeMooy Line and the 'Demco'" drilling machines.
  • Advertisement in the 1918-06-27 American Machinist for "The Demco Machine Tool Co. / Successors to / The De Mooy Machine Company". The address was 706 Frankfort Street, Cleveland.
  • News item in the June 1918 Machinery noting that "DeMooy Machine Co." was reorganized as Demco Machine Tool Co., with capital increased from $30,000 to $50,000. The president was Herbert O. Evans and the general manager was Arnold Ruetschl.
  • A drilling machine in the Photo Index bears the inscription "DEMCO / The Toledo General Mfg Co. / Toledo Ohio".
  • A search of Google Books turns up a variety of references to Toledo General Manufacturing Co.'s "Demco" line of drilling machines. The references all date from 1933 through to 1953.
  • A list of Ohio incorporations for the year 1920 includes the following.
    The Toledo General Manufacturing Co., Toledo; $50,000. C. H. Hartman, W. F. Miller, J. S. Pratt, A. Raabc, H. H. Miller.