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Manufacturers Index - Lipe-Rollway Corp.
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This company was created by the 1942 merger of W. C. Lipe Inc. and the Rollway Bearing Corp.; Willard C. Lipe was the brother of C. E. Lipe. Lipe-Rollway manufactured power hacksaws.

Information Sources

  • The 1932 edition of Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Corporations mentions a lawsuite, Lipe-Rollway Corp. v. Seligson. This is the earliest mention of Lipe-Rollway that we have found thus far.
  • A 1942 edition of Automatic Machining has this snippet: "Lipe-Rollway Corporation Change of name of WC Lipe, Inc., to Lipe-Rollway Corporation ... The new Lipe-Rollway Corporation intends to purchase a substantial majority of the capital stock of Rollway Bearing". We do not know how to reconcile the 1932 and 1942 snippets. Either or both dates may be inaccurate because Google Books' "Snippet Mode"—which is all that is available for magazines of the era—does not let us verify the dates or see the full text.
  • A 1954 edition of Manage includes this snippet: "Nothing points up the disadvantages of sawing by hand than the uses to which a portable power hack saw can be put. The LIPE-ROLLWAY HAND-I-HACK Is an example of this new type of tool. Weighing 48 pounds, the saw cuts In any position, ..."
  • Power hacksaw, labeled, "Hand-i-hack Model-C Pat. No. 2182234 Lipe-Rollway Corp. Syracuse, N.Y. U.S.A."
  • The 1990 Directory of Corporate Affiliations includes the following in a list of corporate name changes: "Lipe-Rollway Corp. — name changed to Lipe Corporation."