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Manufacturers Index - Greenfield Tap & Die Corp.

Greenfield Tap & Die Corp.
Greenfield, MA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
871,451 Nov. 19, 1907 Screw-cutting die and holder therefor Albert J. Smart Greenfield, MA This die and holder was sold by Greenfield Tap & Die as the "Acorn Die and Holder", and appeared in the Catalog 39, which was published about 1918.
965,970 Aug. 02, 1910 Tap Wrench Frank O. Wells Greenfield, Franklin County, MA Chapin & Co., patent attorneys.
966,105 Aug. 02, 1910 Automatic die-head Joseph P. Lavigne Detroit, MI "This invention relates to die heads for turret lathes, screw machines and the like, and especially to means therein whereby work engaged by the die is released at the end of the cutting movement and may be withdrawn without contact with the dies."
The "Wells Self-Opening Die" is featured in a catalog of machine tools from Greenfield Tap & Die Corp.; the illustration resembles this patent and the page says "Patented August 2, 1910".
1,038,967 Sep. 17, 1912 Tap-wrench Whitman Russell Greenfield, MA
1,052,313 Feb. 04, 1913 Pipe-wrench Addison B. Carll Boothwyn, PA 10-inch long example reported with label, "GTD GREENFIELD, MASS, LITTLE GIANT". Made in 8, 10, 14, 18 and 24 inch sizes by Greenfield Tap and Die. The 8 and 10 inch sizes have two gripping faces on the main bar rather than four.
1,307,426 Jun. 24, 1919 Limit Gage Frank O. Wells Greenfield, Franklin County, MA This invention relates to limit-gages for testing the outside dimensions of work, and has for its primary object the provision of a single clamping screw and clamp proper for securing the points or anvils of each pair in set position. A further object is to provide means whereby the gage is rendered extremely sensitive in operation.

1,830,268 Nov. 03, 1931 Die holder Michael J. Foley Greenfield, MA This patent number was seen on a Greenfield Tap & Die #335 Little Giant Jr. set, along with patent 1,898,132.
1,898,132 Feb. 21, 1933 Thread cutting die and holding clip therefor Oscar E. Koehler Greenfield, MA This patent number was seen on a Greenfield Tap & Die #335 Little Giant Jr. set, along with patent 1,830,268.
    Thread cutting die and holding clip therefor William B. du Mont Greenfield, MA