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Manufacturers Index - Blanchard Machine Co.

Blanchard Machine Co.
Boston, MA; Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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A very large Blanchard grinder sitting idle while the work piece is checked

Founded in 1899 in Boston, MA, the company moved to Cambridge in 1904 after a fire. The company was relocated to Windsor Vermont in 1972 and was called Cone-Blanchard Machine Company at that time and made Cone automatic screw machines and Springfield vertical grinders. They left Windsor in 2002.

For a century, Blanchard grinders have been used to flatten surfaces, much faster than traditional surface grinders but to slightly looser tolerances. A video tour of the Bourdelais Grinding Shop shows several Blanchard grinders, including one 60-inch machine from the 1920s that is still in use.

Blanchard grinders are still being made Bourn & Koch Inc.

Around 1911, Blanchard made a short-lived foray into manufacturing gas engines.

Information Sources

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  • More history and machine information can be found at the Cambridge Historical Society’s Industry in Cambridge web site.
  • The tour of the Bourdelais Grinding Shop is by John Saunders of Saunders Machine Works.