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Manufacturers Index - Foote-Burt Co.
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In 1892, A. Ward Foote and E. B. Barker formed Foote & Barker to make drilling and boring machinery, with an exceedingly modest starting capital of $2,500. In 1897 Foote bought out Barker and then entered a partnership with his father-in-law, Cincinnati stockbroker and banker Pitts H. Burt, as Foote, Burt & Co., which continued until 1906 when Burt died and the business incorporated as Foote-Burt Co., with the Burt family maintaining a share of the company ownership. In 1919 the company underwent a reorganization with Foote and brother-in-law S. G. Burt retiring and the Foote and Burt families selling their interests. At that time, new investment was used to build a modern new plant. By this time much of their business was to companies in the automotive manufacturing field. The Foote-Burt Company continued under that name until perhaps the early 1950s before quietly disappearing.

In later years they used the "FOOTBURT" brand, as seen in the advertisement below.

From 1922-12-07 American Machinist

Information Sources

  • 1886—Leading Manufacturers and Merchants of Cincinnati and Environs has information on Pitts H. Burt.
  • 1893—Annual Report of the Department of Inspection of Workshops, Factories and Public Buildings, in a list of change orders: "No. 261–Foote & Barker & Co (Cleveland), September 29, 1893-cover or countersink all protruding set-screws in shafting. Complied." "Foote, Baker & Co." is listed at 49 Wood street in Cleveland.
  • 1897—The Cleveland Directory lists "Barker Edward B. (Foote, Barker & Co.), 49 Wood, r. 111 White av." and "Foote, A. Ward (Foote, Barker & Co.), r. 775 Willson av.
  • 1900—The Cleveland Directory lists "Foote, Burt & Co. (A. Ward Foote, city; P. H. Burt, Cincinnati, O.), machinery, 269 St. Clair".
  • 1909—February 1909 Canadian Machinery and Manufacturing News has an article on a Foote-Burt high-duty drilling machine.
  • 1918—A History of Cleveland and its Environs, Volume II: Biography, by Elroy McKendree Avery.
    A. Ward Foote....came to Cleveland a quarter of a century ago, after considerable experience in machine shops and on railroads, ...who is now president and treasurer of the Foote-Burt Company, which turns out $1,250,000 worth of drilling and boring machinery a year. A. Ward Foote was born at Guilford, Connecticut, October 5, 1865. His parents were Andrew W. and Charlotte A. Foote. The youth had public school advantages until he was seventeen years old and then went to Hartford, Connecticut, and became a machinist apprentice with the firm of Pratt & Whitney, a concern that manufactured machine tools. It was his own choice of trade that placed him here, for he had considerable natural aptness in the handling of tools, and he willingly served out his four years of apprenticeship, during the first year receiving 60 cents a day, 70 cents during the second year, 90 cents during the third and $1.20 during the fourth year. For three years afterward he worked with the company in the drafting room. Mr. Foote then went to Louisville, Kentucky, where he was employed as a machinist in the motive power department of the L. & N. Railroad for a time, later as a draftsman, still later as a locomotive fireman and then as locomotive engineer. When he left the road he was serving as assistant master mechanic. That was in October, 1891, and he came then to Cleveland and for three months afterward was assistant superintendent of the Rogers Typograph Company. He then entered into partnership with E. B. Barker, under the firm name of Foote and Barker and with a capital of $2,500, for the manufacturing of drilling and boring machinery, and continued until 1897, when Mr. Foote bought Mr. Barker's interest and then went into partnership with his father-in-law, P. H. Burt. They engaged in the business under the style of Foote, Burt & Company and continued under that caption until 1906, when they incorporated their business as the Foote-Burt Company, Mr. Foote becoming president and treasurer, D. E. Randeles, vice president and manager, and S. G. Burt, secretary. Remarkable prosperity has attended this enterprise as the result of Mr. Foote's thorough understanding of the trade and the careful, prudent policy pursued by the company. At present the product of their manufacturing plant is being shipped all over the world to which transportation lines are open, and the plans of Mr. Foote for the future open still further development of trade territory. He has lived to see many of his early hopes brought to fruition, and that his personal success has come largely through his own unassisted efforts reflects only credit. Mr. Foote was married at Cincinnati, Ohio, October 24, 1892, to Miss Winnifred Burt, who is a daughter of P. H. Burt. They have one daughter, Katherine, who is a pupil in the Hathaway-Brown School for Girls. Mr. Foote and family attend the Episcopal Church. In political affiliation Mr. Foote is a republican. He has always done his full duty as a citizen, supporting measures that have appealed to his sense of right and justice and contributing liberally to public-spirited and charitable enterprises. In the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce his opinions are listened to with respect. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and belongs to such well known organizations as the Union and the Cleveland Athletic clubs, the Mayfield Country Club and the Chagrin Valley Hunt Club, counting many warm personal friends in each.
  • 1919-09-18 The Iron Age.
    A. W. Foote, long identified with the machine-tool industry in the Central West as president of the Foote-Burt Co., Cleveland, maker of drilling machinery, has retired coincident with the reorganization of that company, having been in business 40 years. Mr. Foote, with a partner, established the present Foote-Burt Co. in 1892 and five years later bought out his partner. The business was then conducted as Foote, Burt & Co. until 1906, when it was incorporated under its present name, and Mr. Foote has been president of the company since that time. For the past two years he has been president of the Cleveland Branch of the National Metal Trades Association.
    A reorganization of the Foote-Burt Co., Cleveland, manufacturer of single and multiple spind drilling machines, has been effected. The company was incorporated in 1906, prior to which time the business was conducted as a partnership for 14 yeras by A. W. Foote and P. H. Burt. The Burt estate, representing the preferred stock interests, has been retired. Mr. Foot and S. G. Burt retire and president and treasurer and secretary respectively. G. E. Randles, formerly vice president, becomes president; T. H. Doan Jr., vice president; W. S. Quinlan, secretary, and S. E. Gross, treasurer. The board of directors consists of Messrs. Randles, Doan and Quinlan with J. R. Blakeslee and S. L. McCune. The erection of a modern plant at St. Clair avenue and the Belt Line railway is contemplated by the new company, in order to care for the increasing demand for its product as well as complete equipments for quantity production from the automobile field. Refinancing and reorganization has been through the medium of the Foote-Burt Machine Co. and Cleveland Investment interests.
  • A genealogy page has information on Pitts Harrison "Scott" Burt, 1837-1906.
  • A genealogy page has information on Andrew Ward Foote, 1865-1925.