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Manufacturers Index - Smalley-General Co., Inc.
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Smalley Motor Co., Ltd. was established in 1903 to take over the marine gas engine business of Smalley Bros. & Co. The company was forced into receivership in 1907 and the following year re-emerged as General Machinery Co. By 1913 the name had changed to Smalley-General Co., Inc.

In 1916 to at least 1921 this firm made thread milling machines. They were apparently originally designed for making artillery shells.

Advertisement from the 1916-12-28 issue of "Canadian Machinery"

Information Sources

  • 1907-12-01 Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal.
    Smalley Motor Co., of Bay City, Mich., plant was purchased by G. W. Ames for $26,000 at receiver's sale. ... Smalley Motor Company, Grand Rapids, Mich., has filed schedules. Assets, $134,418.84, and liabilities, $112,854.33.
  • April 1908 Motor Boat.

    Same Old Smalley

    The marine engine world was exceedingly interested, around the first of the year, by the news that the former Smalley Motor Co., Bay City, Mich., manufacturers of the widely-known Smalley marine gas engine, had been entirely re-organized, and the new organization launched under the name of the General Machinery Co. This item of news was particularly pregnant with interest to both maker and buyer of engines because of the enviable name that Smalley motors have won for themselves among all who know engines. There are a number of well-known standards in the marine motor field by which most other engines are compared; and in this small coterie of famous names, that of "Smalley" ranks high.

    It is for these particular reasons (all of which the real motor boat "fans" know to be gospel truth) that the announcement of the change in management, personnel and name of the old Smalley Motor Co. carried a note of distinct interest throughout the trade. It is doubtless on the tip of everyone's tongue now to ask as to what will be the policy of the new company. Suffice it to say in reply that the company has been entirely rejuvenated and new and enthusiastic blood enthused into its methods and policies, but that is practically as far as the change goes, because the motor itself will still be manufactured as of old. And inasmuch as its construction will be just the same, the present owners of Smalley motors can still obtain parts to fit exactly, from the General Machinery Co. The new company invite all present owners of Smalley and Fairbanks engines to correspond with them if in need of any parts or repairs.

    The General Machinery Co. also desire to announce that their former arrangement with the Fairbanks Co., whereby this latter concern represented them as eastern agents, has been annuled. Heretofore all Smalley engines sold in the east were sold under the name of "The Fairbanks" (although they were in reality Smalley motors). Hereafter Smalleys will be Smalleys and throughout the country they will be sold under their own name. All eastern owners of "The Fairbanks" engine are herein given notice.

    The General Machinery Co. report a very large and encouraging advance spring business (which on account of their unusually large and complete facilities they are able to care for promptly), and state that they are very glad indeed to send catalogs to any interested in Smalley motors.

  • July 1913 Motor Boating mentions "The Smalley-General Company, of Bay City, Mich."
  • Advertisement in the 1916-12-28 issue of Canadian Machinery.
  • Advertisement in the 1919-03-27 issue of Canadian Machinery.