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Manufacturers Index - Goodspeed & Wyman
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
26,060 Nov. 08, 1859 Machine for making box-joints James Stimpson Baldwinville, MA Patent references an earlier patent, 16557, for a box-joint design. The box joints in question are dowel-pinned half-lap joints.
An 1873 Massachusetts business directory has an ad for A. F. Young, maker of various kinds of chair-making machinery, plus "Stimpson's patent dowel joint machine". We have also seen ads from Goodspeed & Wyman for "Stimpson's dowel joint machine". As late as 1908, G. N. Goodspeed was advertising "Stimpson's dovetail machine", a remarkable longevity achievement for this 1859 design.
This patent was extended for seven years.
29,411 Jul. 31, 1860 Machine for making wooden bowls G. N. Goodspeed Winchendon, MA
    Machine for making wooden bowls Rufus Simonds Ludlow, VT  
54,816 May. 15, 1866 Improvement in feeding mechanisms for sewing-machines George N. Goodspeed Winchendon, MA Of interest because G. N. Goodspeed was also a maker of woodworking machinery, first as the partnership of Goodspeed & Wyman, and later under his own name. The sewing machine is a single-thread model. Scientific American reported that for the year ending June 10, 1867, The Goodspeed & Wyman Sewing Machine Company had sold 2,126 single-thread sewing machines.
108,370 Oct. 18, 1870 Improvement in sawing-machines George W. Lombard Westminster, MA An annular saw—see also patent 973 and patent 86,407.
112,156 Feb. 28, 1871 Improvement in sawing-machines George W. Lombard Westminster, MA Yet another annular saw; see the list at patent 973.