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Manufacturers Index - Goodspeed & Wyman
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This company was in business from 1849 when it was known as Robinson & Goodspeed, the owners being George N. Goodspeed and Baxter Robinson. In 1851 Robinson was replaced by Harvey Wyman and the name became Goodspeed & Wyman. There was also a Goodspeed & Wyman Sewing Machine Co., which seems to have been a separate, if related, company. In 1878 the partnership ceased and the firm operated as G. N. Goodspeed; Wyman died in 1880.

Among this company's woodworking machinery products was Lombardy's ring saw, a sort of scroll saw, but using a "circular sawblade with the middle part open and axis removed, leaving only the circular narrow edge with the teeth." Apparently it worked quite well. No-one named Lombardy ever received a patent on such a saw, but George W. Lombard of Westminster, MA, received 1870 and 1871 patents on an annular saw.

Advertisement from the 1878 Worcester County Directory

Information Sources

  • An 1867 Scientific American mentions the "Goodspeed & Wyman Sewing Machine Co."
  • Goodspeed & Wyman were mentioned in October 1873, December 1874, and August 1877 Manufacturer & Builder, and there is an ad in the December 1877 issue of Manufacturer & Builder.
  • Goodspeed & Wyman is listed in the 1874 book Wiley's American iron trade manual of the leading iron industries of the United States as a maker of "machinery and saws".
  • G. N. Goodspeed was listed in the 1891 book, Inland Massachusetts Illustrated. It says that the company was founded in 1849 as Robinson & Goodspeed, then became Goodspeed & Wyman in 1851, then G. N. Goodspeed in 1878. In 1891 their shop was 40 by 120 feet.
  • The 1907 book History of the Goodspeed Family, by Weston Arthur Goodspeed, provided the dates and names for the early history of this firm.