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Manufacturers Index - Goodell-Pratt Co.

Goodell-Pratt Co.
Shelburne Falls, MA; Greenfield, MA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
432,729 Jul. 22, 1890 Screw-driver Henry E. Goodell Shelburne Falls, MA Information taken from Clifford D. Fales' database.
Examples marked, "Goodell Pratt Co. Greenfield, Mass. / Patented July 22, 1890"
Another example seen is labeled, "Goodell Bro's Greenfield Mass. / Pat'd July 22 1890, Nov 17 1891".
    Screw-driver Albert D. Goodell Shelburne Falls, MA  
463,506 Nov. 17, 1891 Automatic screw-driver Henry E. Goodell Shelburne Falls, MA Information taken from Clifford D. Fales' database.
Examples marked, "Goodell Pratt Co. Greenfield, Mass. / Patented July 22, 1890 Nov. 17, 1891"
    Automatic screw-driver Albert D. Goodell Shelburne Falls, MA  
463,507 Nov. 17, 1891 Drilling-Tool Albert D. Goodell Shelburne Falls, MA Focus of the patent is on the means of self-contained bit storage.
    Drilling-Tool Henry E. Goodell Shelburne Falls, MA  
488,691 Dec. 27, 1892 Bit-brace Albert D. Goodell Worcester, MA Some features have been seen on a Goodell-Pratt No. 6010 brace. An earlier Goodell Tool Co. brace, shown in the images here, has all of the patented features.
490,121 Jan. 17, 1893 Protractor Bevel Herbert J. Leighton Syracuse, NY Protractor with a semi-circular head with a blade secured to it and a detachable blade to a sector that can be moved concentrically.

Known example marked with the Mfg's info, patent date, and "28".
544,411 Aug. 13, 1895 Drill chuck Herbert D. Lanfair Westminster, CA This patent was the core of construction for most Goodell-Pratt hand drills. Features were also used on many of the breast drills. The Goodell-Pratt #5 hand drill is most like the patent drawing.
557,328 Mar. 31, 1896 Breast-drill Albert D. Goodell Greenfield, MA
    Breast-drill Henry E. Goodell Greenfield, MA  
557,200 Mar. 31, 1896 Glass-cutter Albert D. Goodell Shelburne Falls, MA Of interest because the inventor was the eponymous Goodell of tool-maker Goodell-Pratt Co.
D27,571 Aug. 24, 1897 Design for a fulcrum-shoe for nail-pullers Charles A. Maynard Springfield, MA
627,183 Jun. 20, 1899 Bench Hacksaw Henry E. Goodell Greenfield, MA Hacksaw in a mitre box/carriage configuration with a adjustable vise (Image 6) for securing the work. Patented drawings closely match the actual tool.
Sold by Goodell-Pratt as the No 1 Bench Hack Saw using 9" hacksaw blades and utilizing a 2" capacity vise.
    Bench Hacksaw Herbert D. Lanfair Greenfield, MA  
648,589 May. 01, 1900 Holder for Drills Herbert D. Lanfair Greenfield, MA
772,677 Oct. 18, 1904 Clapboard Marker Edward B. Shepardson Greenfield, MA This clapboard marker is very similar to the common Stanely #88 (Beebe's patent #344,937 - 7/6/1886), but rather than a series of sharpened points, it uses a set of knife-edged wheels. The tool is marked with the company name and city, state. Model No. 340.
789,536 May. 09, 1905 Corner-brace Albert D. Goodell Shelburne Falls, MA
824,975 Jul. 03, 1906 Centering Device Edward L. Cook Brattleboro, VT This tool uses three hinged arms to accurately mark the center of a shaft or rectangle.
The production tool differs from the patent drawing in that it does away with the angled arm, and moves the locking screw to the center arm. It works just the same, but would be easier to produce.
859,059 Jul. 02, 1907 Angular bit-brace Herbert E. O. Schmidt Buffalo, NY Examples of this rare and gizmotic brace are marked, "GP Co." One such brace was listed in Martin Donnelly's 1999 catalog for $2450. (As always, condition is paramount in tool valuations.) Ron Pearson's book gives this brace an "A" rating for rarity.
    Angular bit-brace Christopher J. Haeberli Buffalo, NY  
862,069 Jul. 30, 1907 Breast-drill Henry E. Goodell Greenfield, MA A 2 speed breast drill. This classic design is widely available. Goodell Pratt made a lot of them.
887,423 May. 12, 1908 Automatic screw-driver William M. Pratt Greenfield, MA "My invention relates to spiral ratchet screw drivers and its object is to provide such a tool which is compact and simple in construction, pleasing in appearance and highly efficient in use... The invention particularly appertains to the type of spiral ratchet screw driver which includes a spiral spindle, a barrel fitted to the tool handle in which the spindle is axially guided, a pair of ratchet wheels housed within the barrel having keys engaging the spiral grooves of the spindle, pawls carried by the barrel and co-acting with the ratchet wheels and means for shifting the pawls to disengage the same from their respective ratchet wheels."
973,489 Oct. 25, 1910 Drill Fred E. Farley Greenfield, MA
1,045,200 Nov. 26, 1912 Gearing Charles D. Severance Greenfield, MA Known example is marked:

"Goodell-Pratt Company/Toolsmiths/Greenfield, Mass. U.S.A./Pat'd Nov. 26, 1912/No. 246"
1,102,581 Jul. 07, 1914 Valve Grinder Oscar D. Hapgood Orange, MA Placement of the teeth provides oscillating rotary movement. The tool as produced has all the working parts inclosed.
1,172,793 Feb. 22, 1916 Revolution Counter Oscar D. Hapgood Orient, MA William Wallace White - patent attorney
1,449,400 Mar. 27, 1923 Hand tool Oscar D. Hapgood Montague, MA
1,456,620 May. 29, 1923 Wrench George W. Cary Greenfield, MA The swinging hook jaw is moved by a lever through a gear-tooth connection. A spring tends to hold the jaw closed.
Marketed as the CHAUFFEUR'S UNIVERSAL WRENCH. It was first brought to the market in early 1921.
1,462,963 Jul. 24, 1923 Tool Oscar D. Hapgood Montague, MA
1,467,567 Sep. 11, 1923 Valve Spring Manipulating Device George W. Cary Greenfield, MA The features of the patent include the roller bearings on the "spreader" bar, and the design of the "upper" jaw.
1,492,680 May. 06, 1924 Hand tool Francis Ducharme Shelburne Falls, MA
1,508,512 Sep. 16, 1924 Ratchet mechanism Fred E. Farley Greenfield, MA The drawing shows the reversing ratchet in the gearing of a breast or hand drill. It was used in the Goodell-Pratt No. 510 brace.
It was also used in Goodell-Pratt's No. 668 ratchet screwdriver.
1,518,579 Dec. 09, 1924 Valve-grinding tool Oscar D. Hapgood Montague, MA
1,564,460 Dec. 08, 1925 Drill Frank L. Young Windsor, CT This drill is able to work close to a wall, or even in a right-angle corner. It was sold as the model 1048 and 1054 (110 volts), and 2043 and 2048 (220 volts).
1,584,071 May. 11, 1926 Drill supporting and feeding apparatus George A. Arnold Hartford, CT
1,593,908 Jul. 27, 1926 Bit-brace chuck Lloyd L. Miller Conway, MA
1,624,339 Apr. 12, 1927 Level Oscar D. Hapgood Montague, MA
1,712,261 May. 07, 1929 Switch for power drills Fred E. Farley Greenfield, MA
1,733,931 Oct. 29, 1929 Lubricating bearing George A. Arnold Newark, NJ
1,752,112 Mar. 25, 1930 Spirit level Raymond O. Stetson Greenfield, MA
    Spirit level Charles D. Severance Greenfield, MA  
1,770,884 Jul. 15, 1930 Breast drill Fred E. Farley Greenfield, MA