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Manufacturers Index - Globe Machine Co.
Last Modified: Jan 24 2017 1:44PM by Jeff_Joslin
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In the late 19th century, Globe Machine Co. was a modest-sized maker of woodworking machinery, especially planer-matchers. They were mentioned as participating in merger discussions. Those discussions led to the 1897 creation of American Wood Working Machinery Co.; Globe was not mentioned as being one of the companies in the merger but the first (1898) American catalog shows the "Money Maker" surfacer that was a Globe product. Perhaps Globe did not come to terms until shortly after the press release was issued.

Information Sources

  • According to Chandler W. Jones' Planers, Matchers and Molders in America, this planer manufacturer was acquired by American Wood Working Machine Co. "within a few years" of the 1897 merger that created American. PM&MinA shows a "Money Maker" surfacer and sizer that bears both Globe and American labels.