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Manufacturers Index - American Saw Mill Machinery Co.

American Saw Mill Machinery Co.
New York, NY; Hackettstown, NJ., U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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Wood working: Equipment listed in the 1908 catalog: saw mills (one of which used the Hercules name); single and gang edgers; shingle machinery; lathe machinery; drag saws; cut-off saws; swing saws; post borer; lathes; tablesaws; 36" bandsaw; Jewel planer; Royal planer/matcher/molder; Royal surfacer; excelsior (wood shavings for packaging and mattress stuffing) cutting machine.

From 1915 ad: "American" contractors' portable variety woodworker: a tablesaw-based combination machine that besides the usual tablesaw functions, also provided a borer, hollow-chisel mortiser, and scrollsaw.

From 1950 catalog: 16" Monarch Uni-Point radial arm saw (available in the regular, 800-pound version, and a portable magnesium version weighing about 200 pounds); Jewel 20"x8" planer; Monarch 8" jointer; Monarch 20", 30", 36" bandsaws; Monarch 16" tilting-arbor tablesaw; Monarch hollow chisel mortiser; combination tilting-table saw and jointer.