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Manufacturers Index - Gaar, Scott & Co.

Gaar, Scott & Co.
Richmond, IN, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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This company was founded by Jonas Gaar and his sons, Abram and John Milton Gaar, and Jonas' son-in-law, William G. Scott. The company was active 1842 through 1911. They specialized in farm machinery, such as threshing machines, grain separators, and steam engines, but they also made circular sawmills. They were taken over by Advance Rumely Co.

Information Sources

  • 1906 price list, 1909 catalog.
  • Listed in C. H. Wendel's The Circular Sawmill.
  • Abram Gaar, of Richmond, IN, was granted an 1860 patent for a grain cleaner; the patent was assigned to himself, John M. Gaar, and William G. Scott. He also received an 1870 patent for a grain separator. That same year, Abraham Gaar of Richmond patented a horse-power.
  • 1910 Gaar Scott Steam Engine Catalogue
  • From 1876 International Exhibition Official Catalogue: "Gaar, Scott,& Co., Richmond, Ind. Grain thresher, separator, and cleaner. Portable farm-engine."
  • A page on the Abram Gaar mansion provides the years of operation of this company, and the names of the founders.
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