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Manufacturers Index - Oakwood Electrical Manufacturing Co.

Oakwood Electrical Manufacturing Co.
Dayton, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Steam and Gas Engines

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This firm was assigned a 1933 patent for an electric motor; the inventor was Frederick S. Kingston, who had been working for Sunlight Electrical Manufacturing Co.. Within a year Kingston was again working for Sunlight. We have not yet seen any motors made by Oakwood and it is possible that they never entered production.

Information Sources

  • The patent in question, 1,916,270, was assigned to this firm "by mesne assignments", which means that the patent application was originally assigned to someone else who then transferred the assignment to Oakwood. We do not know what this implies.
  • A 1933 issue of Iron Age has this cryptic snippet that we found through Google Books: "Oakwood Electrical Mfg. Co., Dayton. Ohio, care of RE Cowden..."