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Manufacturers Index - Adams-Bagnall Electric Co.
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In 1920 this firm was manufacturing fractional horsepower electric motors.

Advertisement from the December 1920 "Electrical Merchandising"

Information Sources

  • The 1896-01-01 edition of The Electrical Journal has an article on the recent founding of this company by Thomas E. Adams and E. J. Bagnall.
  • Ad in December 1920 issue of Electrical Merchandising.
  • Moodys manual of railroads and corporation securities: Part 2, 1922 Page 166:

    NATIONAL SCREW & TACK CO.—Inc. May 21, 1889. in Ohio. In May, 1908, acquired the Union Steel Screw Co., and on Sept 30, 1920, the Adams-Bagnall Electric Co. (see 1920 Manual, page 11). Manufacturers of steel and brass wood screws, machine screws, spring cotters and keys, rivets, bolts, nuts and kindred Roods, small motors, enameled steel reflectors for industrial lighting, and electric fans.