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Manufacturers Index - Fox Machine Co.

Fox Machine Co.
Grand Rapids, MI; Jackson, MI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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In 1879, William R. Fox, of Middletown, CT, patented what was arguably the first workable "universal" miter trimmer. (A universal trimmer is one where the miter angle is adjustable over a range of at least 45 degrees.) This first design was probably never manufactured.

About 1880, Fox moved to Grand Rapids, where he worked briefly for Willis J. Perkins at Perkins & Co., and then a succession of other jobs. In 1885, he developed an improved version of his trimmer, and founded the Fox Machine Co. He received a patent for the improved design in 1888.

Advertisement from the 1891 American Carriage Directory

Fox hired a salesman named Joseph W. Oliver. Oliver didn't last long, but after he left, he designed a new trimmer and went into business with Fox's old boss, Willis J. Perkins. Perkins received a patent in 1891 for the design.

By 1909 the company was making a line of horizontal milling machines. These machines are small enough to suit a home shop when they can be found.

From February 1909 Canadian Machinery

In 1915 Fox sold his operations, with the woodworking machinery going to J. A. Fay & Egan Co. Fox moved to Jackson, MI, where he made drill presses and milling machines. Fox died in 1934 from a fall off the roof of his factory.

Information Sources

  • Most of the information for this manufacturer is courtesy of Jeff McVey, who is currently researching a book on miter trimmers.
  • An ad in the April 1915 issue of "Carpenter and Builder" shows Fox's model 6-A universal trimmer.
  • An undated catalog gives Jackson as the company location. Both benchtop and floor-standing miter-trimming machines are shown.
  • Grand Rapids Public Library has a Fox Machine Co. Catalog No. 44 in their archives.
  • A posting by Jeff McVey in the oldwwmachines discussion forum provides information on machines that were sold, but not manufactured, by Fox.