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Manufacturers Index - Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co.
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From 1909 Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity


Holtzer-Cabot is remembered for their high-quality fractional horsepower electric motors. The company founder was German immigrant Charles William Holtzer. George E. Cabot joined the firm in 1887 and then retired in 1892 to go into real estate. Here is a summary of the corporate history:

  • Began as the Holtzer Co. in 1875.
  • Became Seth W. Fuller & Holtzer in 1880.
  • Became Holtzer & Co. in 1888.
  • Became Holtzer & Cabot Electric Co. in 1889.
  • Became Holtzer-Cabot Division of First Industrial Corporation in 1944.
  • Holtzer-Cabot Division was acquired by Redmond Co., Inc., in 1948, becoming Holtzer-Cabot Division of Redmond Co., Inc.
  • By 1955 it was the Holtzer-Cabot Motor Division of National Pneumatic Co., Inc.
  • By 1962 it was the Holtzer-Cabot Electric Corp.
  • Survived until 1972, when the business was shuttered.

Information Sources

  • The Massachusetts corporate registry database lists Holtzer, Cabot & Co.'s first registration as 1889-02-26.
  • The 1894 book Boston and Bostonians, available online through Google Books, has a brief history of this firm, though of course restricted to their early years.
  • The 1906 book A History of Brookline, Massachusetts, by John William Denehy, also has a couple of paragraphs on this firm.
  • Searches through Google Book's archive of 20th century trade journals provided the dates of the post-1906 corporate changes.
  • American Machinist 29 Jun 1911 pg 86