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Manufacturers Index - First & Pryibil, Machinists
This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
22,264 Dec. 07, 1858 Improvement in sewing-machines John First New York, NY This is an early patent to the co-founder of First & Pryibil, an important maker of woodworking machinery.
35,542 Jun. 10, 1862 Improved tension-regulator for sewing machines Paul Pryibil New York, NY Invention is of interest because it is the first known patent for Paul Pryibil, an important early woodworking machinery builder (with First & Pryibil, and subsequently under his own name).
36,548 Sep. 23, 1862 Improved machine for cutting crystals Paul Pryibil New York, NY Patent is of interest because the inventor later became an important maker of woodworking machinery.
57,565 Aug. 28, 1866 Improvement in sawmills Paul Pryibil New York, NY Inventor was the eponym for First & Pryibil, a maker of a wide range of woodworking machinery. About 1887 the company name changed to "P. Pryibil".
94,130 Aug. 24, 1869 Improvement in machines for turning ovals Paul Pryibil New York, NY
113,926 Apr. 18, 1871 Improvement in sawing-machines Paul Pryibil New York, NY This is one of the first patents for a tilting bandsaw, or ship saw; only patent 31,768 preceded it. Pryibil's patent saw was featured in an article on ship saws in the Chronicle of the Early American Industries Association, by Dana Martin Batory.
134,704 Jan. 07, 1873 Improvement in saw-guides Paul Pryibil New York, NY See the pictures for patent 57,565.
166,355 Aug. 03, 1875 Improvement in resawing-machines John First New York, NY
169,035 Oct. 19, 1875 Improvement in band sawing-machines Paul Pryibil New York, NY This saw has the frame inclined from vertical by 30 to 60 degrees. The incline is such that the horizontal component of the saw-teeth's movement is opposite to the feed direction of the work; the result is that the saw cuts more like a circular saw than a bandsaw. "The cutting-edge operates first upon the lower portion of the work, the face of each tooth strikes the ends of the fibers in such a manner as to break most of the wood off in small chips or slides instead of cutting it all into dust..."
172,772 Jan. 25, 1876 Improvement in resawing-machines Paul Pryibil New York, NY
180,636 Aug. 01, 1876 Improvement in feed-motions for saw-mills Paul Pryibil New York, NY
182,438 Sep. 19, 1876 Improvement in scroll-sawing machines William D. Herschel New York, NY The invention is aimed at creating a mechanism that runs smoothly at high speeds, and that pulls the sawblade back a bit at each end of the stroke, so that sawdust is more readily cleared.
Inventor Herschel went on to become the machine designer for Jos. O. Colladay & Bros.
197,171 Nov. 13, 1877 Improvement in shaft-hangers Paul Pryibil New York, NY
228,218 Jun. 01, 1880 Vertical adjustment for tablesaw Paul Pryibil New York, NY