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Manufacturers Index - First & Pryibil, Machinists
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This firm dates back to 1866 or 1867. The principals were John First and Paul Pryibil. In 1887 the name became P. Pryibil.

Ad from October 1871 "The Technologist"

This firm was one of the very first to make a commercially successful bandsaw. The bandsaw had been invented about 1803 but failed to achieved early success because of metallurgical problems with the blades. Pryibil received an 1866 patent for a bandsaw design, just in time for improved bandsaw blades that started coming in from France; several examples of Pryibil's early bandsaw design survive, and at least a couple are illustrated in our Photo Index.

First & Pryibil made the first tilting bandsaw, or ship saw, which was patented in 1871.

Information Sources

  • An ad in an 1865 issue of Scientific American reads, "Partner wanted -- to introduce and work three valuable patents which can be manufactured and sold with great profit. Paul Pryibil.". The earliest First & Pryibil ad we have seen is from 1867.
  • Ad in 1867 Scientific American.
  • Article in 1875 Manufacturer & Builder.
  • Listed in the 1874 work, Wiley's American iron trade manual of the leading iron industries of the United States as a maker of stave machinery.
  • Listed in a work published by the United States Centennial commission, Official Catalog of the 1876 International Exhibition, as a maker of "re-slitting band saw, carving machine, saws, planers, etc., for wood-working."