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Manufacturers Index - Daft Electric Light Co.
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      Daft Electric Light Co. made Electric Motors in Philadelphia, PA ca 1892.

      Daft Electric Light Co. — Motors and Dynamos, etc., Factory, Greenville, N. J.,. Office, No. 115 Broadway. Electricity Is one of the great powers of nature, and it is only in the present age that it has been utilized as the motive power of motors and dynamos. In connection with these remarks, the Daft Electric Light Company was organized in 1882, for the purpose of undertaking the development and introduction of electric lighting and electric transmission of power, both for the propulsion of cars on railroads and the operation of machinery for manufacturing purposes. During the last two years, Mr. Leo Daft, the electrician of the company, has devoted his energies to the transmission of power, and as a result of his labors the company is now prepared to furnish dynamos and motors of all sizes, from one quarter of a horse power up to any size that may be required. The inventions of Mr. Daft are completely protected by patents, the most experienced counsel having been retained for that purpose. The works of the company are situated at Greenville, New Jersey, and are equipped with the latest improved machinery and tools; only the most able and experienced workmen are employed, thus insuring first-class workmanship in the manufacture of electric machines. The offices are located at No. 115 Broadway, and the following gentlemen are the officers of the company, viz: President, Wm. G. Perris; Treasurer and Secretary, H. M. Hawkesworth; Counsel, R. W. Hawkesworth; Electrician, Leo Daft. The machines are uniformly of very low electromotive force, never exceeding 120 volts, unless specially ordered, the pressure remaining constant within a few volts for all sizes, that is to say, a machine of 600-horse power is of no higher electrical pressure than one of 2-horse power, and both are unquestionably very far below the point of danger. It has been demonstrated in a course of very careful experiments, conducted by the English Board of Trade, any E. M. P. under 300 volts is safe for ordinary conditions, and since the Daft Electric Light Co. never approaches to half that figure, it follows that fatal accidents from the use of Daft machines are entirely out of the question. The results of careful observation have demonstrated beyond a doubt, that the electric impulse has absolutely no destructive Influence upon the conductive system of machines; deterioration and wear, are therefore impossible, except at the parts which can be cheaply and easily renewed The motors and dynamos of the Daft Electric Light Co' are unsurpassed for excellence of workmanship, durability and economy, by those of any other manufacturers in this country or Europe, and their sale is annually increasing, owing to their superiority over all other inventions. The business of the Daft Electric Light Co is Justly a source of pride to every citizen of New York but also the entire country; while the officers of the company, educated to their calling, are well qualified to attend to It in all its branches, with a due regard to the interests of patrons.

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