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Manufacturers Index - Lamb Electric Co.

Lamb Electric Co.
Grand Rapids, MI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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In the very early 1900s there was a Lamb Electric Company in Detroit. By 1907 that firm sees to have relocated to Grand Rapids. A 1907 article shows their buffer-grinder that used a DC motor.

By 1945 there was a motor maker of the same name but located in Kent, Ohio. We don't know if this is the same company or an unrelated one. In any event, the Ohio incarnation specialized in fractional horsepower motors for appliances, pumps, and other embedded applications. By 1957 they were the Lamb Electric Division of American Machine & Metals, Inc., which became Ametek, Inc. There was also a Lamb Electric division of Canada of Sangamo Canada, Ltd., in Leaside, ON.

Buffer-grinder powered by DC motor, available in ¼ to 5 HP.

Information Sources

  • Various period articles found through Google Books.
  • A Powermatic knife grinder with a motor from Lamb Electric Co., Kant, Ohio, has been seen in an owwm.org forum post.