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Manufacturers Index - John S. Snider
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In 1856, Mr. Snider patented an improved sawmill head-block. By 1857 he was manufacturing a complete sawmill featuring his patented head-block and an improved tail-block. This appears to have been a short-lived venture. He eventually became a pioneer in grape-growing and wine-making, probably the first in the Lancaster, Ohio region to do so.

Information Sources

  • Eleventh Annual Report of the Board of Agriculture of the Sate of Ohio for the year 1856, List of entries at the seventh annual fair of Ohio, Cleveland, September 1856.
    John S. Snider, of Lancaster, Ohio, exhibited head blocks for saw mills, by which both ends of the log can be set at once, the operator being required to stand at one end only. Price $125.
    He was awarded a Diploma.
  • Fifth Annual Report of the Indiana State Board of Agriculture, 1857.
    Snider's improved saw mill, head and tail block, exhibited by Reed and Drake, of Xenia, Ohio. This head and tail block works easily and precisely, and we believe it invaluable to persons engaged in sawing lumber. We award it a premium of $5.
  • In 1859, Snider was granted patent 24,959, for a seeding-plow. In 1875, he was granted patent 159,364, for an improved cistern.