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Manufacturers Index - Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co. (PEXTO)

Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co. (PEXTO)
Southington, CT, Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
70,917 Nov. 12, 1867 Flanging Machine Orson W. Stow Plantsville, CT The device creates a flange on the edge of sheet metal, including forming a "recess" to hold wire for a wire reinforced edge.
The specifications note earlier devices -- A.W. Whitney's 1847 patent and Charles H. Raymond's August 30, 1859 patent (25,278) -- and detail the differences.
The patent date appears on the frame of a Peck, Stow & Wilcox tool corresponding to this design.
180,810 Aug. 08, 1876 Bending Machine Pardon A. Whitney Southington, Hartford County, CT
195,066 Sep. 11, 1877 Sheet-Metal Roller-Seaming Machines Pardon A. Whitney Southington, Hartford County, CT
212,110 Feb. 11, 1879 Improvement in bit-stocks Obed Peck Rowe, MA
    Improvement in bit-stocks Daniel Powers Shelburne, MA  
218,593 Aug. 12, 1879 Bit-stock Orson W. Stow Plantsville, CT
246,904 Sep. 13, 1881 Bit-stock Obed Peck Rowe, MA Pearson "B" rating for rarity.
269,762 Dec. 26, 1882 Machine for Notching Scale Beams Pardon A. Whitney Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH
303,350 Aug. 12, 1884 Riveting Machine Pardon A. Whitney Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH
309,887 Dec. 30, 1884 Ratchet brace with side levers Amos Shepard Plantsville, CT
309,876 Dec. 30, 1884 Ratchet Drill Caspar Reising Plantsville, CT One of these appeared in a Martin J. Donnelley auction
320,172 Jun. 16, 1885 Wrench Squire Robinson Southington, CT The patent focuses on the attachment between the adjusting screw and its supporting ferrule. The adjusting screw is held in place by the supporting shoulders on the ferrule, and the spring-loaded pivot pin. Many examples marked "Robinson Patent June 16, 1885" in an oval border. A 12-inch example marked P.S.&W. (Peck, Stow & Wilcox) WARRANTED with the patent date is also known. Peck, Stow & Wilcox was advertising Robinson's Patent Steel Bar Wrench in 1894.
The ferule with supports on both side of the "rosette" is the subject of Robinson's May 27, 1884 patent (no. 299,165).
An April 9, 1895 Amos Shepard wrench handle patent assigned to Peck, Stow & Wilcox (pat. no. 537,239) has a Robinson style adjusting screw included in the drawing.
22,514 Sep. 22, 1885 Machine for Folding Sheet Metal William J. Bayrer Southington, Hartford County, CT
329,986 Nov. 10, 1885 Ratchet Drill Pardon A. Whitney Chagrin Falls, OH The patent includes the friction feed, details of the ratchet mechanism, and the handle set tangentially to the ratchet head. Options for operation in constricted spaces are included.
Items in 1885 issues of AMERICAN MACHINIST note Whitney's initial announcement at Chagrin Falls, OH and subsequent move to Warsaw, NY with production by the VARIETY MACHINE Co. By 1890, Whitney was in Southington, CT and this ratchet drill was produced by Peck, Stow & Wilcox.
364,153 May. 31, 1887 Auger Bit Cornelius Whitehouse Cannock, England Previously patented in England. Process of forging or stamping the blank into a bulb containing sufficient metal to form the head and nose of the cutter and then forming the blank in a die. The cutter is distinct with a loop holes being formed in the process.

Known example marked: PAT. MAY 31 1887/P.S.&W Co.
379,877 Mar. 20, 1888 Tool Handle Obed Peck Rowe, MA Two plates and two bolts are used to secure the auger or drill bit to the handle. The plates form a square recess that assists in holding the square shanked bit in place.
D18,376 Jun. 05, 1888 Clamp Frame Pardon A. Whitney Southington, CT Design patent for "C" clamp frame. The design appears on Peck, Stow and Wilcox "C" clamps of the period, in conjunction with the clamp screw in 388,007.
385,983 Jul. 10, 1888 Clamp Pardon A. Whitney Southington, CT Designed to allow max opening capacity of the clamp by providing a recessed area in the body where the screw passes through.
Examples marked with STEEL NO # (# - indicating size in inches) SCREW along with mfg and location.
388,007 Aug. 14, 1888 Clamp Screw Pardon A. Whitney Southington, CT Malleable "wing nut" type head pinned to a steel screw; this makes a more durable screw for "C" or bar clamps.
This improvement was incorporated into clamps produced by Peck, Stow & Wilcox, including "C" clamps with bodies corresponding to design patent 18,376. -- See that DATAMP entry for photos, 1890 product description, etc.
434,960 Aug. 26, 1890 Tinsmith's Machine Enos E. Stow Plantsville, Hartford County, CT
475,055 May. 17, 1892 Tool-chuck Robert C. Ellrich Plantsville, CT
42,662 Apr. 18, 1893 Grooving Machine Grannis Hial Stow Southington, Hartford County, CT
509,252 Nov. 21, 1893 Wrench Amos Shepard Plantsville, CT The patent is for the manufacturing process. It describes steel casting and a broaching operation to form the rectangular opening down the length of the handle. The scale on the handle showing the size of the jaw opening is included in the patented features.
The wrench corresponds to the Peck, Stow & Wilcox bicyle wrench announced in the April 10, 1893 "Iron Age."
509,920 Dec. 05, 1893 Cutting And Gripping Tool James Lindsay Waterbury, CT Both the cutting and gripping versions have pivoted jaws connected to compound leverage handles.
Peck, Stow & Wilcox was advertising "Lindsay Cutting Nippers" in the late 1890s.
537,239 Apr. 09, 1895 Wrench Handle Amos Shepard Plantsville, CT The handle is formed of a frame and two wooden shells. In the drawings it is shown in use with a screw-on ferule and adjusting nut inset in a frame like the Squire Robinson June 16, 1885 patent (no. 320,172).
Peck, Stow & Wilcox screw wrenches with Robinson style adjusting nuts and handles conformable to this patent are known, although most P.S. & W. screw wrenches have handles matching later patents.
542,448 Jul. 09, 1895 Bit-stock Henry V. Smith Hartford, CT
50,148 Oct. 03, 1895 Meat Cutter Robert Cosmos Ellrich Southington, Hartford County, CT
553,059 Jan. 14, 1896 Wrench Robert Cosmos Ellrich Southington, CT The main shank and base for the adjusting screw are in one piece. The shank is notched to fit around the nut portion of the adjusting screw. The movable jaw is formed of a second piece with the "back" side opened; it is closed around the shank and pinned or closed with a clamping screw.
The patent was used for the SOLID BAR and SOLID STEEL nut wrenches produced by Peck, Stow and Wilcox, and also marketed under such brand names as KEEN KUTTER, etc.
See also Pardon A. Whitney's Oct. 15, 1901 patents no. 684,488 and 684,489 for forging and forming patents for movable jaws like those found on this style of wrench.
562,878 Jun. 30, 1896 Pipe Wrench Edward Wright Worcester, MA The movable jaw has a rocking section with a spring holding the gripping surface out from the shank. The arrangement allows for sufficient movement for the jaws to grip pipe, without proceeding so far as to crush the pipe.
Compare this to John C. Speirs' Dec. 26, 1899 patent no. 639,785.
584,111 Jun. 08, 1897 Wrench Robert Cosmos Ellrich Southington, CT
594,225 Nov. 23, 1897 Metal-Crimping Tool Philip W. Berridge Sturgis, MI Berridge's metal-crimpers vastly improved the utility of metal shears for sheet metal pipe. The crimping tool forms a new tapered end to allow pipe sections to slip together, after the pipe had been cut to length by the shears.
The dies rock slightly on their attachment bolts.
Peck, Stow & Wilcox was advertising the No.2 Improved Berridge Patent Double-Cutting Shears in 1915.
D28,512 Apr. 26, 1898 Wrench Frame Robert Cosmos Ellrich Southington, CT The design shows the fixed jaw and shank of a bicycle wrench; the shank has a slot running the length of travel for the movable jaw, and teeth for the operation of an adjusting worm on the movable jaw.
The form was used in the SNUGFIT bicycle wrench, marketed in 1897.
675,917 Jun. 11, 1901 Handle George S. Allen Southington, CT
684,488 Oct. 15, 1901 Manufacture of Wrench Forgings Pardon A. Whitney Southington, CT Drop forging process patent showing die forms and successive stages to form a movable "monkey wrench" jaw (only first and final steps shown in edited drawing). Jaw forms conforming to the design in this patent appear on P. S. & W. "Solid Bar," "SOLID STEEL" and similar screw wrenches produced by P. S. & W. in the early 20th Century. (See patent no. 553,059 for the "solid bar" design which dictated the "split" feature of this movable jaw.)
Parallel patent 684,489 describes a second method for forming movable wrench jaws where two forged pieces are welded.
684,489 Oct. 15, 1901 Manufacture of Wrench Jaws Pardon A. Whitney Southington, CT Drop forging dies and series of forging processes to produce halves of a movable wrench jaw which would be welded together. (Only the initial and final stage images appear in the edited image.) One option would result in a movable jaw similar to the result of the forging process in parallel patent 684,488. See that DATAMP entry for links to additional related information.
732,850 Jul. 07, 1903 Hand Punch Randolph Hayden Haddem, Middlesex County, CT
780,787 Jan. 24, 1905 Wrench Robert C. Ellrich Southington, CT The basic element is the bolster supporting nut attaching the bolster to the shank. Alternate means of finishing the handle are described.
Produced as the P.S.& W. IDEAL monkey wrench.
809,936 Jan. 16, 1906 Bit-brace jaw Robert C. Ellrich Southington, CT
821,687 May. 29, 1906 Chuck Pardon A. Whitney Southington, Hartford County, CT
    Chuck Robert C. Ellrich Southington, Hartford County, CT  
821,765 May. 29, 1906 Machine for Folding Sheet Metal Elmer W. Talmadge Plantsville, Hartford County, CT
821,689 May. 29, 1906 Chuck Pardon A. Whitney Southington, Hartford County, CT
    Chuck Robert C. Ellrich Southington, Hartford County, CT  
821,688 May. 29, 1906 Chuck Pardon A. Whitney Southington, Hartford County, CT
    Chuck Robert C. Ellrich Southington, Hartford County, CT  
855,292 May. 28, 1907 Ratchet Mechanism Robert Cosmos Ellrich Southington, CT
880,870 Mar. 03, 1908 Ratchet Mechanism Robert C. Ellrich Southington, CT
902,191 Oct. 27, 1908 Chuck Pardon A. Whitney Southington, Hartford County, CT
976,197 Nov. 22, 1910 Latch Philip Mathes Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH
982,559 Jan. 24, 1911 Chuck-jaws Oscar R. Altwein Southington, CT
988,364 Apr. 04, 1911 Knob Philip Mathes Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH
1,175,879 Mar. 14, 1916 Chuck Lucien P. Blot Southington, Hartford County, CT
1,272,613 Jul. 16, 1918 Machine-stand Louis Broemel Southington, CT "The object of this invention is to produce a new and useful stand for small portable machines, such for instance as the machines used by tinners..." An example of this machine stand can be seen in the VintageMachinery.org Photo Index under the name of the maker: Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co.
1,406,004 Feb. 07, 1922 Metal Working Machine Paul R. Hahnemann Southington, Hartford County, CT
1,416,316 May. 16, 1922 Ratchet Mechanism Edwin W. Bullard Whitneyville, New Haven County, CT
1,452,062 Apr. 17, 1923 Bench Vise Lucien P. Blot Southington, Hartford County, CT
1,452,847 Apr. 24, 1923 Bench Vise James A. Quinlan Southington, Hartford County, CT
1,455,405 May. 15, 1923 Fixture for Grinding Beveled Chisels James F. Nagle Southington, Hartford County, CT
1,515,272 Nov. 11, 1924 Chuck for Bit Braces Thomas Prentice Southington, Hartford County, CT
1,521,367 Dec. 30, 1924 Gauge for Machines for Folding Sheet Metal Paul R. Hahnemann Southington, Hartford County, CT
1,552,253 Sep. 01, 1925 Chuck for Bit Braces Leverett E. White Southington, Hartford County, CT
1,651,087 Nov. 29, 1927 Chuck Charles N. Ellrich Southington, Hartford County, CT
1,774,155 Aug. 26, 1930 Sheet Metal Working Machine Leiv S. Platou Southington, Hartford County, CT
2,139,243 Dec. 06, 1938 Try Square William H. Mohr Southington, CT An example appeared on ebay marked with the patent number and Pritzlaff
2,207,994 Jul. 16, 1940 Pruning Shears Adolph J. Trapp Southington, Hartford County, CT
2,208,860 Jul. 23, 1940 Adjustable Clip Ernest F. Smart Southington, Hartford County, CT
524,745 Aug. 14, 1940 Improvements in or Relating to Display and Storage Cabinets Peck Stow & Wilcox Co. Southington, Hartford County, CT A stand has a flat top 1 and flared sides 2, 4, 5 enclosing a storage space accessible by lifting part or the whole of one or more of the sides about hinges at the top edge.
422,657 Sep. 12, 1944 Display and Storage Cabinet Elmer Joseph Murray Southington, Hartford County, CT
D151,853 Nov. 23, 1948 Hammer Head William L. Ludwick Mount Carmel, CT The hammer head design is distinctive enough that it should be recognizable if P.S.& W. put it into production.
The specifications cite design patent 117,207 as relevant prior art.
2,495,068 Jan. 17, 1950 Conterbalance for Slip Roll Formers William E. Lundgren Sharon, Norfolk County, MA
2,505,332 Apr. 25, 1950 Scratch Awl or the Like William L. Ludwick Mount Carmel, New Haven County, CT
3,277,763 Oct. 11, 1966 Notching Machine Vernon L. Haug Webster Groves, St. Louis County, MO