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Manufacturers Index - American Hoop Machine Co.
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This company was probably founded about 1856 by Joseph and Sylvester Sawyer, and their machines made wooden hoops, possibly for hoop skirts.

Information Sources

  • The Massachusetts corporate registry database lists this company's first registration as 1856-08-06.
  • The 1856-12-27 issue of Scientific American has an illustrated article on this company's recently patented hoop machine. The 1857-01-17 issue contains a correction to the previous article, noting that this company's hoop machine can plane 50 to 60 feet of hoop per minute.
  • Kenneth Cope's American Cooperage Machinery and Tools lists this company with an 1857 data point—possibly the same Scientific American article mentioned above; Cope reproduces the two illustrations that acoompanied that article.