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Manufacturers Index - J. J. McCabe Lathe & Machinery Corp.

J. J. McCabe Lathe & Machinery Corp.
New York, NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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From an article in June 1902 The Age of Steel

J. J. McCabe Lathe & Machinery Corp. was founded in 1890 by J. J. McCabe to assume the machinery sales business of the E. P. Bullard Co. McCabe's business was located at 149 Broadway, New York City, NY. There was also J. J. McCabe Punch & Shear Co., with plant located in Chattanooga, TN.

Mr. McCabe reportedly designed and patented a novel double-spindle lathe that did both light and heavy work on the same machine (in fact, the lathe was patented by one Charles Smith in 1888). He began making—or, more likely, had made for him by Dietz, Schumacher & Boye—his patent lathes starting in about 1895. In 1919, a new type of variable-swing lathe, based on a patent by Alvin W. Needham, was being manufactured by the American & British Manufacturing Co., of Providence, R.I., for J. J. McCabe Lathe & Machinery Corp.

J. J. McCabe died in 1919 and although his sons, J. J. McCabe, Jr., and Raymond J. McCabe, had been involved in the businesses with him and continued them after his death, it appears that the businesses had foundered by about 1923.

Information Sources

  • American Lathe Builders: 1810-1910 by Kenneth L. Cope, 2001 page 101
  • March 1919 Machinery.
    J. J. McCABE—J. J. McCabe, of the J. J. McCabe Lathe & Machinery Corporation and one of the well-known men in the machine tool industry, died on January 17. As a dealer, Mr. McCabe, from time to time, handled the New York agencies of many well-known manufacturers of machine tools, including Schumacher & Boye; Smith & Mills Co.; Carlton Machine Tool Co.; and G. A. Gray Co. In the used machinery business, Mr. McCabe was one of the pioneers for nearly thirty-five years. When E. P. Bullard founded the Bullard Machine Tool Co., of Bridgeport, Conn., devoted entirely to manufacturing, Mr. McCabe succeeded the old New York firm of the E. P. Bullard Co., who were machine tool dealers, and with whom he had been associated since boyhood. As a manufacturer, Mr. McCabe was identified with the well-known "Two-in-One" double-spindle lathe, which he personally designed and which was manufactured under his patents for years. A few years ago, he also founded the present J. J. McCabe Punch & Shear Co., the plant of which is located at Chattanooga, Tenn. Mr. McCabe made many warm personal friends during his long connection with the machine tool industry, to whom his death will be a heavy loss. He leaves a widow and four children. Two of his sons, J. J. McCabe, Jr, and Raymond J. McCabe, have been associated with him in business for a number of years, and under their able management the organizations of the J. J. McCabe Lathe & Machinery Corporation and the J. J. McCabe Punch & Shear Co. will be continued.
  • September 1919 Machinery.
    In the April, 1918 number of Machinery, there was published a description of a lathe [Needham Double-Purpose Lathe, A. W. Needham, Long Island City, NY], the feature of which is that variable swings from 14 to 40 inches may be obtained. Briefly, this is accomplished by mounting the headstock and tailstock on cross-slides and by locating the rear V-ways of the bed considerably lower than those in front, so that by moving the line of centers transversely to the rear, the additional swing is obtained. Substantially the same type of lathe is now being built at the shops of the American & British Mfg. Co., Providence, R. I., for the J. J. McCabe Lathe & Machinery Corporation, of 149 Broadway, New York City, except that the four-step cone-pulley construction has been replaced by a geared head, by means of which twelve spindle speeds are obtained...
  • 1921 trademark registrations for 2-in-1 and All-in-1 marks for lathes.