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Manufacturers Index - Advance Electric Co.
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Advance Electric Co. manufactured electric motors between about 1914 and 1920. Surviving examples are quite uncommon. We know that a 1914 patent that was used by Advance Electric (though not assigned to them) was later improved upon in a 1922 patent that was assigned to Emerson Electric Co. It's possible both companies licensed the same patent. Another possibility is that Advance had the rights to that patent and when that company went under, Emerson acquired the patent rights. A search failed to turn up any connection between the two firms.

Information Sources

  • This company was assigned a 1920 patent for an electric motor. We also know that they used the Bretch motor patent from September 1914 (see Patents tab) and this patent was later improved upon by Emerson Electric Co.
  • The 1921 EMF Electric Yearbook lists "Advance Electric Co.—6315 Maple Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Manufacturer of a-c motors. President and general manager, Edward Bretch."