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Manufacturers Index - Joshua Hendy Iron Works

Joshua Hendy Iron Works
San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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Best known as a maker of mining machinery, the Joshua Hendy Iron Works—also known as the Joshua Henry Machine Works—also made sawmills.

Charles E. Moore bought the firm around 1940, and began producing Marine Engines for Liberty Ships. In 1942, Moore’s Joshua Henry Machine Works bought the Crocker-Wheeler Electric Co. for $3.2 million.

Information Sources

  • The Crocker-Langley San Francisco Directory for the Year Ending October 1907 carries an ad, "JOSHUA HENDY IRON WORKS / Manufacturers of Mine and Ore Milling Machinery, 75 Fremont St. San Francisco / Boilers, engines, compressors, saw mills, etc."

  • National Labor Relations Board Docket Number: R-J198, parts: 868.
  • Time Magazine 30 Nov, 1942.