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Manufacturers Index - Ingersoll Milling Machine Co.

Ingersoll Milling Machine Co.
Rockford, IL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
294,673 Mar. 04, 1884 Grinding-mill Ezra Rhodes Cleveland, OH Co-assignee was partner in W. R. Eynon & Co., which manufactured this mill and which eventually became Ingersoll Milling Machine Co.
338,221 Mar. 16, 1886 Grinding-mill William R. Eynon Cleveland, OH This feed grinder was manufactured by W. R. Eynon & Co., which became Ingersoll Milling Machine Co.
23,785 Apr. 08, 1886 Grinding mill William R. Eynon Cleveland, OH This feed grinder was manufactured by W. R. Eynon & Co., which began making milling machines and became Eynon & Ingersoll and then Ingersoll Milling Machine Co.
392,597 Nov. 13, 1888 Cutting-tool for milling and gear-cutting machines Thomas Eynon Cleveland, OH
417,776 Dec. 24, 1889 Milling-tool Thomas Eynon Cleveland, OH
856,662 Jun. 11, 1907 Face-mill grinder George W. Smith Rockford, IL "The object of this invention is to construct a machine for grinding the knives of a milling-machine, and in which the knives are ground from their cutting edge toward the heel..."
991,100 May. 02, 1911 Milling-machine George W. Smith Rockford, IL This patent date was seen in an Ingersoll Milling Machine Co. catalog for their No. 2 Heavy Duty Ingersoll Miller, available in both vertical and combined versions. The same patent date is seen in that catalog for their Numbers 3 and 5 milling machines, which are both combined models, i.e., knee-type milling machines equipped with both horizontal and vertical spindles.
1,188,339 Jun. 20, 1916 Milling-machine John B. Sinderson Rockford, IL "This invention relates in general to milling machines and has more particular reference to those of the knee-type in which the frame is shaped to provide an overhanging or projecting head for supporting a vertical cutter-holding spindle in addition to the customary horizontal spindle journaled in the upright portion or frame proper of a milling machine. The primary object of my invention is to provide a milling machine in which an angular face or a sharp corner may be milled in one operation by a pair of face milling cutters each of which shall mill a surface of a width substantially equal to its face diameter."
3,009,294 Nov. 21, 1961 Grinder with wheel dresser Thomas J. Lindem Rockford, IL
    Grinder with wheel dresser Jan van Roojen Rockford, IL