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Manufacturers Index - Curtis & Co. Manufacturing Co.

Curtis & Co. Manufacturing Co.
St. Louis, MO, U.S.A.
Company Website: https://fscurtis.com/
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
70,728 Nov. 12, 1867 Improvement in saws James K. Lockwood Alpena, MI
RE7,753 Jun. 19, 1877 Improvement in circular saws James K. Lockwood Alpena, MI
RE8,076 Feb. 05, 1878 Improvement in circular saws James K. Lockwood Alpena, MI
RE9,197 May. 11, 1880 Circular saw James K. Lockwood Alpena, MI The original was patent 70,728.
351,672 Oct. 26, 1886 Saw-guide Samuel S. Vail St. Louis, MO
369,026 Aug. 30, 1887 Two-saw trimmer William F. Parish Minneapolis, MN An 1895 catalog from Curtis & Co. Manufacturing Co. shows a two-saw lumber trimmer that closely resembles the machine of this patent. The catalog's saw is illustrated but not really described and does not mention a patent. But given the strong resemblance we show this patent as manufactured by Curtis & Co.
1,215,071 Feb. 06, 1917 Uploading Valve for Compressors George F. Steedman St. Louis, MO
1,396,391 Nov. 08, 1921 Power-operated compressor Frank Ackerman St. Louis, MO
    Power-operated compressor Charles W. Frees St. Louis, MO  
1,428,402 Sep. 05, 1922 Reciprocating Pump or Compressor George F. Steedman St. Louis, MO
1,435,574 Nov. 14, 1922 Lubricating System for Piston Engines Frank Ackerman St. Louis, MO
1,576,702 Mar. 16, 1926 Electrically Operated Bridge Crane Frank Ackerman St. Louis, MO