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Manufacturers Index - Alexander-Kramer Co.

Alexander-Kramer Co.
Dayton, OH, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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This company was established in late 1916, and seems to have survived for only a year or so. The titular founders were Joseph and Lila Kramer, and J. G. and Clara Alexander.

Around 1917, this company made a tiny toy scroll saw known as the "Al-Ko", plus a small DC motor. These products were tiny but of good quality.

Information Sources

  • A 1916 or '17 issue of The American Artisan has the following news item:
    The Alexander-Kramer Company, Dayton, Ohio, has been incorporated for $15000 to do sheet metal work. The incorporators are Joseph Kramer, J. G. Alexander, Clara Alexander, Lila Kramer and A. W. Schulman.
  • The 1917 Annual Report of the Ohio Secretary of State lists, under manufacturing companies that incorporated in the previous year, "Alexander-Kramer Company / Dayton", a manufacturer of "metal articles", incorporated November 1, 1916, with a capital stock of $15,000.
  • Copyright listing for "Alexander-Kramer Co., Dayton, O. Al-ko toys. cover-title, 23 p. illus. obl. 16mo. (Catalog A) [7051] (C) Mar. 24 1917; 2 c. and aff. Mar. 29, 1917; A 456694."
  • An unlabeled tiny all-metal scrollsaw has been reported a couple of times. We have finally seen one in a box, labeled "One Al-Ko Jig or Scroll Saw / No. 202 A / Manufactured by The Alexander-Kramer Co. / Dayton, Ohio, U. S. A."
  • A correspondent reports an Al-Ko motor made by the Alexander-Kramer Co., that came with an erector set made between 1913 and 1916 by the American Model Builder Co. He believes that the motor was not sold by American Model Builder but was added later.