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Manufacturers Index - American Electric Motor Co.

American Electric Motor Co.
Milwaukee, WI; Cedarburg, WI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Steam and Gas Engines

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This firm apparently dates back to at least 1888. They manufactured larger motors, with a specialty in totally enclosed designs. In or shortly before 1928 American Electric Motor was acquired by Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Co. of Newark, NJ (itself created by the 1924 merger of Splitdorf Electrical Co. and the Bethlehem Spark Plug Co.) In 1933 they were acquired by Cedarburg Manufacturing Co. of Cedarburg, WI. Cedarburg went bankrupt in 1939 but appears to have re-emerged and continued in business. We do not know when they ceased making electric motors.

Information Sources

  • Obsolete American Securities and Corporations, Volume 1, by R. M. Smythe, 1904, lists "American Electric Motor Co. 1888. No value found to stock."
  • A 1928 edition of Brick and Clay Record has this news item:
    NEW TOTALLY ENCLOSED MOTOR A new type of completely enclosed ventilated motor with a 90-degree rating, has been perfected by the American Electric Motor Co., which company recently became a subsidiary of the Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Co. ...
  • A 1933 edition of Automotive industries has this news bite:
    Cedarburg to Manufacture American-Electric Motors CEDARBURG, WIS.— The Cedarburg Manufacturing Co. has acquired the property and patents of the American Electric Motor Co., formerly a subsidiary of the Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Co. of Newark, N.J. It will continue the manufacture American-Electric motors running in sizes from 1/2 to 30 hp. as well as the P-K American motor.