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Manufacturers Index - Avery Mfg. Co.
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Avery Mfg. Co. Factory ca 1916


      While in the Andersonville Confederate Prison, R.H. Avery came up with the idea of founding Avery enterprises. His first product was a corn planter that he sketched up while in prison. After his release from prison and after the Civil War ended Avery returned to his farm in Kansas. In 1874 he had a full scale model of his corn planter produced. In 1877 Avery and his brother established a manufacturing business in Galesburg, IL, to manufacture planters, stalk cutters, and cultivators.

      They purchased 10 acres of land east of the intersection of North Adams and North Jefferson streets in Peoria, IL and erected a square building in 1884. In 1891 the company began manufacturing steam traction engines and grain threshers. They also made gasoline powered trucks in the 1900's

      Avery made steam traction engines with locomotive style boilers, return flue boilers, and engines of the over and under-mount style.

      In September of 1907 The Avery Company was incorporated but fell into receivership in 1924. There was an attempt to revive the company but the company was only able to stay above water until 1931. A second attempt to revive it was never able to gain much momentum, but the company was still operating on a small scale in 1941.

The company bought Davis Mfg. Co. and continued to sell their Gas Engine line.



      Incorporated November 23, 1907, in Illinois; successor to Avery Manufacturing Co., manufacturers of agricultural machinery. The business was founded in the early 70’s by R. H. and C. M. Avery. Plant located at Peoria, and covers a total of 20 acres. Company has branch houses in Omaha, Neb.; Des Moines, Ia.; Kansas City, Mo., and other western cities. Canadian Avery Co. agents in Canada. Avery Co. of Texas in Dallas, Beaumont and Amarillo, Texas.

      In 1916, acquired at public sale the real estate and buildings of the Kingman Plow Co. In 1917 purchased real estate and property of the Davis Mfg. Co. , at Milwaukee, Wis., consisting of 9 acres and about 6 acres floor space, including foundry. In 1920 the real estate and personal property of the Bartholomew Co. of Peoria, Ill., was acquired.


      Manufactures traction engines, threshing machinery and all its various attachments, mounted steel gas and water tanks, motor planters and cultivators, gasoline traction engines and gasoline and kerosene farm tractors.


Officers: J. B. Bartholomew, Pres.; R. J. Boynton, Vice-Pres. and Treas.; G. L. Avery, Sec.; F. P. Kinsey, Supt., Peoria, Ill.

Directors: J. B. Bartholomew, R. J. Boynton, G. L. Avery, G. J. Jobst, A. Y. Bartholomew, S. L. Nelson, Peoria, Ill.; H. A. Rumsey, Chicago; Ferd Luthy, Peoria, Ill. ; E. R. Bowen, Peoria, Ill.

Annual Meeting: Third Tuesday in February.

Office: Peoria, Ill.

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