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Manufacturers Index - Covel Manufacturing Co.

Covel Manufacturing Co.
Chicago, IL; Benton Harbor, MI, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

This page contains information on patents issued to this manufacturer.

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Patent Number Date Title Name City Description
173 Dec. 06, 1869 Saw swage Simon Kinney ON, Canada Kinney is described as a machinist.
278,684 Jun. 05, 1883 Saw Swage Milo Covel Chicago, Cook County, IL
279,769 Jun. 19, 1883 Saw-swage Simon Kinney Port Townsend, WA
297,698 Apr. 29, 1884 Saw-swage Simon Kinney San Francisco, CA The May 1901 The Wood-Worker carried an article by J. H. Miner on The Use of the Kinney Swage. "Take a trip among the average and better class of mills and you will find about one Kinney (or kindred) swage in ten used with anything like success, and about one in twenty-five where the swage is used as it should be... It is the best tool ever put into a saw mill when properly used."
319,794 Jun. 09, 1885 Saw sharpening machine Milo Covel Chicago, IL
342,188 May. 18, 1886 Saw Swaging Device Milo Covel Chicago, Cook County, IL
345,121 Jul. 06, 1886 Saw Swaging Machine Milo Covel Chicago, Cook County, IL
523,882 Jul. 31, 1894 Saw Dressing Machine Milo Covel Chicago, Cook County, IL
755,319 Mar. 22, 1904 Saw-sharpening machine Henry P. Schofield Chicago, IL Improvements to patents 11,733 and 654,844.
815,269 Mar. 13, 1906 Saw Swaging Machine William Landon Covel Biloxi, Harrison County, MS This patent was improved by patent #934,046.
934,046 Sep. 14, 1909 Saw Swaging Machine William Landon Covel Biloxi, Harrison County, MS This patent is an improvement of patent #815,269.
1,260,974 Mar. 26, 1918 Saw Grinding Machine Eddie C. Filstrup Benton Harbor, MI
1,672,014 Jun. 05, 1928 Power-transmission mechanism Arthur Williams Grand Rapids, MI
1,753,590 Apr. 08, 1930 Workholder for bar-grinding machines Frederic K. Benedict Big Rapids, MI "A locomotive guide bar is a heavy piece of work quite wide and several feet long, and its working fact, on which the engine cross head is to slide, must be ground to a true plane and it must also be parallel with the faced pads or bearing surfaces that are provided on the back face of the bar near its ends..."