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Manufacturers Index - The National Acme Company
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In 1893, Edwin C. Henn and Reinhold Hakewessell developed a multiple spindle automatic lathe in Hartford, CT and received a patent for this machine in 1894.  By 1895, the Acme Screw Machine Co. in Hartford, CT had been founded. 

In 1901 the Acme Screw Machine Company moved to Cleveland, OH, where it merged with the National Manufacturing Co. to form the National Acme Manufacturing Co.

In 1907, a competitor in Windsor, VT introduced a 4 spindle bar machine known as the Gridley - by 1915, Acme had acquired this company and began selling the Gridley Automatic Turret Lathes as part of their line of machinery.

In 1968, The National Acme Company merged with the Cleveland Twist Drill Company to form the Acme-Cleveland Corp.

Bourn & Koch, Inc. is now the OEM for the National Acme machinery You can link to their website at the Bourn & Koch web site.

Information Sources

  • The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History has a short history on the Acme-Cleveland Corp, which includes some early history of The National Acme Company.
  • A Profile of the National Acme Company is available at Findamachine.com.