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Manufacturers Index - Connell & Dengler Machine Co.

Connell & Dengler Machine Co.
Rochester, NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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From May 1889 The Wood-Worker

John Connell and Valentine Dengler established Connell & Dengler Machine Co. in about 1867, and the business survived to at least 1898. They made a variety of woodworking machines, including large planers and bandsaws, swing saws, and cut-off saws.

One notable achievement due to John Connell is that he received the first patent for a tablesaw trunnion mechanism. Previous tablesaw designs used a hinge to pivot the blade and tabletop in relation to one another. Connell's trunnion design places the axis of rotation on the plane of the tabletop, which keeps the blade centered in its slot and makes small adjustments simpler.

Information Sources

  • Ad in 1872 edition of the Rochester Directory.
  • Mentioned in 1882 Manufacturer & Builder. An 1882 article in that journal describes a patent granted to John Connell and V. Dengler for a swing saw. A couple of 1885 articles describe patents granted to Connell for a swing saw and a planer feed roll.
  • Ad in May 1889 issue of The Wood-Worker.
  • Planers, Matchers & Molders in America lists this firm as one that was around in 1897.
  • A Connell & Dengler bandsaw, labeled "Connell & Dengler Machine Company," has three patent dates, the latest being in 1897. The patents are variously to John Connell and Valentine Dengler.
  • Industrial Advance of Rochester 1884, pg. 75.

    In this work we are impelled to speak of the enterprise of Messrs. Connell & Dengler, which was founded seventeen years ago and which has, during that period, built up a firmly established, a stable and well merited reputation for their products.

    The plant of the firm occupies two floors at the indicated address of the dimensions of 100x50 feet. Its location is well selected, being in close proximity to the railroad system, affording the best of facilities for the receipt and shipment of raw materials and heavy machinery. Thirty five skilled mechanics here find employment, with the aid of all requisite machinery and appliances and all the best and most improved mechanism necessary for the manufacture of wood-working machinery of all descriptions. Steam power is utilized to operate the works, and the entire establishment is under the direct and critical supervision of the proprietors.

    The limits of our space permit scarcely more than of a brief enumeration of the products of the firm, all of which are of peculiar and improved construction. They manufacture planers and matchers, rapid flooring machines, pony surfacers, hand jointers, hand matchers, upright shapers, dove-tailing machines, patent swinging saws, improved re-sawing machines, bevel sawing machines, patent box-hoard printing machines, a combined trip and cross-cut sawing machine and all of the best of packing box machinery. The house is also agent for the well-known Smith Exhaust Fan, which is one of the most useful inventions extant.

    The concern publish an illustrated catalogue, which they will forward on application. The house, in addition to their wood-working machinery, properly so-called, manufacture shingle, heading and hoop machinery.

    The trade of the house is as wide-spread as its reputation is enduring and extends throughout the United States.

    The proprietors of this enterprise are Messrs. J. Connell and V. Dengler, whose ambition has always been to supply high class machinery that cannot be surpassed and is but seldom equaled.