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Manufacturers Index - Leland Electric Co.
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This maker of motors and bench grinders was established in 1921. It was founded by George H. Leland, who had been working for Dayton Engineering Laboratories Co. 1920-21. He was granted at least a couple of dozen motor patents over the years. In 1952 the company was acquired by American Machine & Foundry Co., and then in October 1959 was sold to Howell Electric Motors Co. In 1978 it was acquired by Jerry Fahringer, who renamed it to Leland Electrosystems, perhaps following the 1989 acquisition of General Electric's aircraft power systems line.

From June 1922 Electrical Record

In 1997 Leland Electrosystems was acquired by Smiths Group and renamed to Smiths Aerospace, which was subsequently acquired and absorbed by General Electric.

Leland Electric had a Canadian Subsidiary, Leland Electric Canada Ltd., which was active until at least 1957.

Although remembered primarily as a maker of electric motors, they also made bench and pedestal grinders.

Information Sources

  • An owwm.org forum discussion alerted us to this maker.
  • Numerous patents were assigned to this maker; these patents woulld likely reward further study.
  • A Leland motor in the Photo Index was made by "The Leland Electric Co. / Div. of Amer. Mach. & Fdry. Co. / Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A."
  • February 1922 Electrical Record.
    Leland Electric Co., 33 Greenwood Ave., Dayton, Ohio, is a new concern recently organized to manufacture a line of small motors.
  • A 1930 edition of United States Investor has the following snippet.
    THE LELAND ELECTRIC COMPANY ... This issue was listed on October l, 1929, and has sold at a range of 27 to 39, last sale 33...
  • A 1955 book, History of Dayton's Industries, by Sara M. Beringer, has the following snippet.
    LELAND ELECTRIC COMPANY The Leland Electric Company, Division of American Machine & Foundry Company, was founded in 1921 by W. E. Kraft, H. L. Fleck, and George H. Leland. Operations were established at 33 Greenwood...
  • A 1959 issue of Steel has the following snippet.
    CONSOLIDATIONS The Leland Electric Motor Div., American Machine & Foundry Co., Dayton, Ohio, has been sold to Howell Electric Motors Co., Howell, Mich. The sale does not include Leland Airborne Products Div., MF, Vandalia, Ohio.
  • A 1959 issue of Journal of Heat Technology has the following snippet.
    Howell Electric Motors Acquires Leland Electric, Former AMF Div. Howell Electric Motors Co., Howell, Mich., has acquired Leland Electric Co., a former division of American Machine & Foundry. Manufacturing operations will continue at the ...
  • A 1959 edition of Canadian Shipping and Marine Engineering News has the following snippet.
    Canadian group forms co., buys AMF Canada motor div. A group of Canadian investors recently formed Leland Electric Company Limited and purchased the Leland Electric Motor Div. of AMF Canada Ltd. G. Ernest Robertson is Chairman of ...
  • A 1960 issue of Modern Power & Engineering has the following snippet.
    The predecessor company of AMF's Leland Electric Motor Division, acquired by American Machine & Foundry in 1952, was founded in 1931.
  • A 1962 edition of Labor Arbitration Awards has the following snippet.
    In October, 1959 the Leland Electric Company, Dayton, Ohio was sold to Howell Electric Motors Co. which has since operated this plant as The Leland Ohio Electric Co., a subsidiary of Howell. In contemplation of and prior to this sale a ...