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Manufacturers Index - Jas. Clark Jr. Electric Co.

Jas. Clark Jr. Electric Co.
Louisville, KY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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This maker was founded about 1892 as Cooper & Clark, with principals L. H. Cooper and James Clark, Jr. In 1907 Cooper left the business and the business was incorporated as James Clark, Jr., Electric Co. At some point they made a small drill press with continuously variable speed. They also made a power hacksaw and handheld power tools, especially electric drills.

Information Sources

  • A 1914 railway supply catalog from Crerar, Adams & Co. has six pages of "Willey" electric drills, grinders and drill presses from this firm. See page 462 for a Willey power hacksaw.
  • A thread on owwm.org provided photos of an unlabeled sensitive drill. Neil Peters identified the maker.
  • 1908 catalog of "Willey" Electrically Driven Tools from this company.
  • June 1922 Electrical Record lists "Clark, Jr., Elec. Co., James, Louisville, Ky, ('Willey' Hack Saws)".
  • From the book History of Kentucky, by William Elsey Connelley and Ellis Merton Coulter, 1922:

    James Clark, Jr. Trained faculties and an enlightened understanding gained through long association with a certain line of endeavor jn these modern days contribute materially not only to individual growth and success but to the development of large enterprises. In manufacturing circles of Louisville the name of James Clark, Jr., head of the James Clark, Jr., Electric Company, is synonymous with dignified capability and sterling integrity. From small beginnings he has built up an enterprise of recognized importance, and while so doing has also been a factor in bringing about the development of an important line of industry.

    Mr, Clark was born at Louisville, August 29, 1869, a son of James and Jessie (La Nauze) Clark, and a grandson of William and Isabella (Stevenson) Clark...

    James Clark, Jr., the fourth in order of birth of his parent's children, attended the public and private schools of Louisville and graduated from the Boston Technical College in 1890. At that time he secured a position with the Ohio Valley Telephone Company, with which be remained two years, then embarking in the electrical business with L. H. Cooper, under the firm name of Cooper & Clark. When Mr. Cooper retired from the business Mr. Clark reorganized the concern as James Clark, Jr., & Company, and in 1907 incorporated the business as James Clark, Jr.. Electric Company, its present style. The store and office of this concern are located at 520 West Main Street, while the factory is at Shelby and Bergman Streets. The business is the manufacture of electrically-driven tools, motors, generators and supplies, and Mr. Clark has been successful in building up a large and profitable business, in the management of which he is exercising splendid judgment and recognized ability. He is a member of the Pendennis, Louisville Country and Rotary clubs and the Board of Trade. His religious faith is that of the Episcopal Church, and in politics he is a republican.

    On October 14, 1903, Mr. Clark was united in marriage with Miss Lucinda Hardin Helm, who was born at Louisville, a daughter of James Pendleton and Pattie A. (Kennedy) Helm, natives of Kentucky, the former deceased and the latter still a resident of this city. Mrs. Clark is the third in a family of four children. She and her husband have two sons: James Clark III, and Kennedy Helm Clark.