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Manufacturers Index - Hamilton Tool Co.
In addition to photos of machinery, we also host other images related to manufacturers of old woodworking machinery. Most images are scans of things like ads, articles on the company or historical photos related to the manufacturer. Photos of individual machines made by this company should be submitted to the Photo Index above.

Submitting Images

If you have an image that you think would be appropriate for this manufacturer, please contact the Site Historian.

There are currently 3 Image submissions for this manufacturer

Insert Date Image Title
12/17/2018 1922 ad - Adolph Muehlmatt: Greatly Prolongs the Life of Your Twist Drills 1922-12-18 American Machinist
12/17/2018 1922 article - Muehlmatt bench drilling machine December 1922 Machinery
12/17/2018 1922 article - Muehlmatt sensitive drilling machine 1922-11-23 American Machinist