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Manufacturers Index - Hobart Manufacturing Co.
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The Hobart Electric Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1897 by Clarence Charles Hobart to make electric motors. They soon started making electric meat choppers as well. In 1913 the company reorganized as The Hobart Manufacturing Co. The following year they introduced their first commercial mixer. That same year, C. C. Hobart left the company and, along with his three sons, established his own manufacturing business, Hobart Brothers Co.

In 1974 the name of the parent company changed to The Hobart Corp. In 1981 the company was acquired by Dart & Kraft, Inc. In 1986 Dart & Kraft, the result of a merger, split apart, and the Hobart brand and operations became part of the new Premark International. In 1999, ITW, Illinois Tool Works, acquired the PMI Food Equipment Group, which included Hobart.

This company is listed here for two reasons. First, early in their history they manufactured and sold electric motors. Second, their pedestal-mounted machines—coffee mills, for example—were occasionally converted to pedestal grinders.

Information Sources

  • Correspondent Andy FitzGibbon has extensively researched this company, and says, "I can say with nearly 100% certainty that Hobart Manufacturing Co. did not manufacture wood or metal working machinery on a production level (there may have been a few pieces made for in-house use)." Andy provided us a picture of a pedestal-mounted coffee grinder that appears to be the basis of at least one of the so-called Hobart pedestal (metal) grinders. Thanks also to Andy for explaining the relationship between Hobart Manufacturing Co. and Hobart Brothers Co.
  • The Hobart website provides a company history timeline. The timeline does not provide any information about the company's founder, nor does it give much detail of the company's complicated system of sibling companies and subsidiaries.
  • The Industrial Hobarts, a 2005 book by Peter C. Hobart, provides an official company history. We have not actually seen a copy of this book. Online references to this book provide a few tidbits of company history: Hobart Electric Co. made welding equipment, and became Hobart Brothers Co.
  • A long article on the Hobart family businesses appeared in the 13 February 2000 edition of the Troy Daily News. This article, "Hobart mainstay of Troy history", provided information on the recent corporate history involving Dart & Kraft, PMI, and ITW.