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Manufacturers Index - Diehl Manufacturing Co.

Diehl Manufacturing Co.
Elizabeth, NJ; Somerville, NJ, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery

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      Diehl Manufacturing Co. was a maker of electric motors and motor-powered products. They were a supplier of handheld electric drills and bench grinders to Sears, with Sears model-number prefix 315. At some point they became the Diehl Division of Singer Co., for whom Diehl was a longtime motor supplier.

      From the 1880s through to around 1900 Philip Diehl was a machine designer for sewing-machine maker Singer Manufacturing Co. Sometime around 1906, Frederick Diehl was doing freelance motor design work, including for Singer. Diehl founded Diehl Manufacturing Co. in 1909 or shortly before. The company was located in Elizabeth until sometime between 1934 and 1957, when it relocated to Somerville.

      In 1988 the Motor Products Division of Diehl was acquired by Japanese power tool maker Ryobi, Ltd., becoming the basis of Ryobi's new U.S. operations, Ryobi Motor Products Corp.; Ryobi took over supply of products to Sears Craftsman, retaining the 315 manufacturer code.

Information Sources

  • Engineerimg News 17 Apr 1913 pg 808.

          Philip H. Diehl, M. Am. Inst. E. E., founder of the Diehl Manufacturing Co., Elizabeth, N. J., died at his home in Elizabeth, Apr. 7, aged 66 years. He was a native of Germany and came to this country in 1868. He was first employed by the Singer Sewing Machine Co., and soon became known as an inventor. In 1879, he invented an electric arc lamp, and later a small battery motor, which embraced the principle of varying the air gap for speed control, and a dynamo. In 1887, he founded the firm of Diehl & Co., which has now become the Diehl Manufacturing Co.

  • Brian Kachadurian sent us pictures of a 1/4-inch Craftsman electric drill, model 315.25701, complete in its original box that identified the maker and their location. Please note that handheld power tools are not within the scope of the Old Woodworking Machines website; this maker is listed because they also made electric motors and bench grinders, which are eligible.
  • Brian also reported a bench grinder from this maker.
  • A search of the USPTO did not turn up any patents assigned to this maker, but a couple of patents mention Diehl Manufacturing Co. of Somerville as a supplier of certain types of motors. One such mention is from a 1961 patent that references a 1955 datasheet from Diehl. A 1969 patent mentions a servo-motor from the Diehl Division of Singer Co., Somerville, NJ. A 1971 patent mentions a vacuum pump from the Diehl Division of Singer Co.
  • The library at the Henry Ford Museum has in its collection three catalogs from Diehl Manufacturing Co., dated 1954, 1956, and "circa 1961".
  • At one time a supplier to the Federal Government. Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) code 17771. Listed as Singer Co Industrial Sewing Products Divison, Finderne NJ and Piscataway NJ.
  • Information on the Ryobi acquisition came from a Craftsman Club discussion.