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Manufacturers Index - Sibley & Ware
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In 1874, Albert P. Sibley, George O. Ware, and John R. Mills moved from Worcester, MA, and started Sibley, Mills & Ware in South Bend, IN. Mills retired in 1878, and the firm became Sibley & Ware. In 1904 Sibley assumed sole ownership and the company became Sibley Machine Co. At some later date the name became Sibley Machine & Foundry Corp. The company is still in business but no longer manufactures drill presses.

The various incarnations of this business all specialized in making drill presses, especially large models for metal-working.

Sibley & Ware 24" drilling machine

Information Sources

  • The following text is from the 1931 book, INDIANA ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS OF AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT Vol. 3, by Charles Roll, A.M., and was taken from a web page with Indiana biographies by Deb Ware.
    The Sibley Machine Company was established in South Bend in 1874, the founders of the business, Sibley, Mills & Ware, having come from Worcester, Massachusetts. At South Bend they established a factory for the manufacturing of upright drilling machines and grey iron castings. With the retirement of Mr. Mills in 1878 the firm was continued as Sibley & Ware. The shops and foundry were destroyed by fire in 1883 and subsequently the present plant was erected on Tutt Street. Several additions and new equipment have been added from time to time. In 1904 Mr. Sibley became sole owner of the business, which was incorporated as the Sibley Machine Company. Mr. Sibley retired in 1907 and Mr. William H. Holland became the active head and continued in that capacity until his death in 1922. In 1922, on returning from the eastern law school, Mr. Voll became the active head of the business as president and manager, with Mrs. Voll as vice president. The company now manufactures a special line of power drills, and it is one of the largest plants in South Bend manufacturing a line of staple articles from iron, steel, brass, nickel and other metals. The Sibley drilling machines have long enjoyed a national reputation. Mr. Voll is also president and manager of the Motor Castings Company of South Bend.
  • The following is from a small Sibley display in the Studebaker National Museum (Sep 2006):
    Albert Sibley began a machine repair shop, on the St. Joseph River in 1874. The company grew into a foundry and began building drill presses. Castings were produced for the auto industry. Drill press production ended in 1968.  Address-Sibley Machine & Foundry Corp, 206E Tutt St, South Bend, IN 46623 (219-288-4611). The foundry still operates on Sample St in downtown South Bend
  • Sibley Machine & Foundry Corp (makers of ductile and grey iron castings and contract machining) still exists today, with William H. Voll Jr as President. They are currently located at 206E Tutt St, South Bend Indiana, Phone# 574-288-4611.
  • The full names of Albert Sibley and George Ware come from patent records. We learned the full name of Mr. Ware from the Sibley company's history page on their website
  • Possible sources for replacement gears: Sterling Instrument or McMaster-Carr.
  • Sibley used to make castings for the South Bend Lathe Company, until the early to mid-1980s.
  • November 2009: An extensive search for the serial number data (of machines sold to customers) performed by Bill Voll and Brian Kachadurian throughout the Sibley property was unsuccessful.