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Manufacturers Index - Lewis Machine Tool Co.

Lewis Machine Tool Co.
Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery, Metal Working Machinery & Steam and Gas Engines

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Lewis Machine Tool Co. started selling machinery kits in 1935. Metalworking machine kits included bench grinder, bench mill, shaper, hacksaw, and drill press. Woodworking machines in the lineup included bandsaws, spindle shaper, jointer, tablesaw, and lathe. They also made a gasoline engine kit. The company lasted until at least 1957.

Lewis also made a complete table-top swing saw that was resold by Sears, Roebuck as the Craftsman model 429.24390. In Sears' model number system, then, the model 429 prefix refers to Lewis Machine Tool Co., and hence Lewis must also have made the Craftsman 429.24250 3-wheel 12" bandsaw.

Advertisement in the April 1948 "Popular Science"

Information Sources

  • Seen on eBay: 32-page catalog from 1945: "bench mill, semi-finished mill, milling accessories, metal shaper, power hack saw, bench vises, grinders, drill press, band saws, circular saw, wood shaper, wood lathe, gasoline engine, blueprints and other items".
  • The Lathes.co.uk has a page on Lewis Machine Tool Co. It gives the company address as 3017 North Main Street, Los Angeles. A couple of images are reproduced from a 1944 catalog.
  • Advertisement from the April 1948 Popular Science. "Make your own Milling Machines, Shapers, Drill Presses, 8-inch Circular Saws, 6-inch Jointers, and similar tools with Lewis ready-to-machine castings."
  • A Practical Machinist forum post provides more background of Lewis Machine Tool Co. and also announced the creation of a Yahoo group for Lewis Machine Tool Co. products.