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Manufacturers Index - Austin & Eddy
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From at least 1901 to 1945, this company made sanding machines and specialty machines for making windows.

Information Sources

  • The January 1901 issue of The Wood Worker carried an ad for this company's "'Pioneer' Moulding Sander".
  • The September 1909 issue of Wood Craft features and advertisement for a "Pioneer Molding Sander." Listed at 112 Broad Street, Boston, MA and Room 608 The Tacoma, Chicago, IL.
  • 1926 publications with advertisements for a line of machines named "Enterprise," including a window pulley mortiser, plain pocket cutter, and dado machine. Listed at 115 to 119 Broad St., Boston, MA.
  • The Massachusetts corporate registry database lists this company's first registration as 1937-08-30.
  • 1945 Star Machinery Company catalog, featuring "Enterprise pocket cutters and dado machines" from this maker.